Flat broke and broke down
living day to day
might be a little late now
to learn a different way
tied up on the tracks
waiting for the karma express
but it’s kind of warm and sunny
so I’m not too depressed

the secret to survival
seems to be not dying
the secret to not failing
is to keep on trying
the secret to a clear conscience is
don’t do what you know is wrong
the secret to not getting lost
is to find where you belong


Hard to Say

Calculated risks
and stupidity
often look the
same to me
sometimes you’re lucky
sometimes you’re not
you might get away
or you might get caught

Just getting out of bed
is risky enough
you never know when
the going will get tough
hard to say if
you’re doing it right
but hey, go ahead
and fly your kite

Slow Learner

It was a golden time
I was a fool
kept thinking I
could make my own rules
Life just laughed
and slapped me down
don’t even remember
hitting the ground

I’m a slow learner
so I tried some more
Life keeps knocking me
back on the floor
when I catch my breath
probably try again
sooner or later
I’m bound to win

Maybe when they carry
me out on a board
and God provides me
my reward

Stone to Stone

Difficulties come
they’ve been here before
never know what you’ll find
when you step out the door
you may be reminded
just what you can live without
and a hundred different reasons
to be filled with doubt

Respite will come
once you’ve paid the cost
if you can navigate the valley
without getting lost
too much respite fools us
into letting our guards down
so it takes us by surprise
when difficulties come around

The road is a tricky road
life filled with unknowns
but there is beauty to be observed
as we jump from stone to stone
when we slip and get wet
there is Love to help us dry
even if it’s in disguise
as the sun in the sky


They don’t show on Doppler radar
the personal hurricanes
but rest assured the carnage
is imprinted in each brain
behind every face you see
may be brutal wind and rain
or the wreckage of expectations
they can’t even explain

How long will it take
to recover and rebuild
how long will it be
before their heart is filled
with a cautious hope
that things might be okay
before the faith comes back
they need to face the day

with something like confidence
there are angels on their side
be gentle with each other
it’s been a helluva ride

Course Of Course

Each tempest rearranges
the landscape of life
almost beyond recognition
to leave us bewildered at best
wondering just where
to begin to uncover
something like normal

nothing will ever be the same
it may be worse or better
but something will not be there
something we once thought
we could not live without
but there it went
and here we are

so pick up some debris
effect some repairs
until a patchwork
duct taped life emerges
you may limp down the road
with only three lug nuts on one wheel
but you can call it progress

the original destination
may be forgotten
destinations in general
may have no importance
but something will appear
on the horizon to make going on
feel like the best course
of course

Conflicting Opinions

We prayed for God
to divert the storm
we only felt a glancing blow
but someone was in the bullseye
were their prayers not as good
as ours? I’d like to know.

There are conflicting opinions
as to who’s being punished for what
but to the extent that His hand
is in this at all I believe
He is still trying to teach us
how desperately we need each other

If you go it alone
that’s how you arrive
what’s the point of that
are you really alive