Curiously Thankful

In the turmoil between memory
and the motion around me
I learned what I lost
it was everything.
But I can run on
the fumes indefinitely
and after so many years
of such luck beyond deserving
it seems almost greedy
and ungrateful to ask for more.
but in this swirling confusion
it is only human
to long for the anchor
the shelter from the storm
the beacon in the darkness
still curiously thankful
that I know what I’m missing



I will not mourn
your going hence
oh my Teacher
I will endure the inevitable

I can only praise
something like God
that you came hither
to heap such an abundance
of ripeness on our sere
and sometimes sordid souls
continually leading us
out of our darkness

And when an hour goes by
without my moving a hand
I will consider that you have
moved upstairs to the suite
next door to Hank Williams
and again I will sing


On a practical day you do some chores
clean things up, go to stores
the ghosts are happy and you’re unconcerned
with wins and losses and lessons learned
you’re grateful for the little things
without worrying what tomorrow will bring
in the evening when it’s time for reflection
it’s easy to indulge your affections
for loved ones past and loved ones present
without regret for where it all went
as everything comes and everything goes
that’s about all we really know
being there when they’re there
is the most we can do
at least from a practical
point of view


There is someone I miss
there is no escaping this
not sure I would if I could
when good times were spectacular
and even the bad times were good

I wish I’d been a better man
I wish I could have saved her life
it’s a minor consolation that
she’s missed some sorrow and strife

Now I live with Karma
not saying “Good” or “Bad”
you might draw a conclusion
from the life we had

I keep keeping on
the best way I know
what else am I gonna do?
And when I need to smile
I can think of her
and the love we knew

Keep On Shining

I look to the heavens
I see nothing new
stars whose names I do not know
they all remind me of you
brave lights in the darkness
a million years away
so far out of reach the only
thing to do is pray.

Thank you for the light and hope
without it, I could not cope
one of these days I’ll fly away
and get to where you are
until then keep on shining
my precious star

Love is sweet
love is sad
love is the only thing
that makes what we call
life worth the living
it might be a promise
it might be a dream
it might be a memory
or even a scheme
but we have known
ever since our youth
that love is in fact the Truth

Thank you for the light and hope
without it, I could not cope
one of these days I’ll fly away
and get to where you are
until then keep on shining
my precious star

Last Wave

A new crescent moon
over a palmetto tree
a sea as still
as a sea can be
on the horizon the sun
peeks over a low bank of clouds
to bring splendid colors
back to the morning world

On a Georgia beach
watching the Carolina flag
come to life
but the ocean has
its own state of mind
gave it the ashes of my heart
too long ago
I come back when I can
to see if they have advice
for the pieces of my soul

Like broken shells
thrown on the sand
by the mission’s last wave
driftwood waiting to be
repurposed, waiting for a tide
high enough to carry us on
a new journey

With no answer at hand
I turn back inland
to the grey routine
which sustains the quest
secure in the knowledge
that the magic exists
hopeful that the answer
may be forthcoming


We have been warned
that beauty fades
do not believe this lie
beauty evolves
beauty transforms
beauty may develop a patina
retreat below the surface
for self-preservation
to grow richer and deeper
without expectations
like haute cuisine
may require a discriminating palate
like fine art may need
an educated eye
but fade it does not