Rode hard and put up wet
ain’t the worst feeling I’ve had yet
Gotta be careful what you will or won’t
No tellin’ what they might do if you don’t

When it’s too loud to hear yourself think
and your eyes are burning but you’re scared to blink
’cause what you may take for granted today
will likely up and go away

What you’re holding on to
may be real or not
but you keep holding on
because it’s all you’ve got

Keep telling yourself that it’s all good
if you keep doing the things that you should
except the bad stuff laying in wait
may our hearts be bold enough
to deal with our fates

Merry Solstice

Sit in the sun
stand in the shade
melt in one
place or evaporate

Don’t mind the heat
or we wouldn’t be cooking
and half-dressed women
make for better looking

than Eskimos bundled
head to toe
(though snuggles are better
when it’s a little cold)

but a hot snuggle
would be better than none
when you’re delirious
from too much sun

I digress, we’re talking
about long days and heat
not what is or
isn’t sweet

so keep it cool
and stay hydrated
is overrated.

No Warrior

He washes a plate and a frying pan
he washes a fork and knife
he washes his face, he washes his hands
and settles down for the night
trying to get his head around
the bad news of the day
mind blown by the numbers
of people who need him to pray
and how with a snap of God’s fingers
so many things are shattered
and for each of us at a given time
there is just one life that matters.

He never felt like a warrior
not qualified for the task
but they must really need it
or they wouldn’t ask
So as he lays him down to sleep
he prays the Lord their souls to keep
it may seem too simple
but it’s the bottom line
I’ll pray for yours
you can pray for mine


God won’t give you
more than you can handle
but the devil plays
by different rules.
Too much good
or too much bad
can make you act a fool.

So you have to pray
for guidance, for
some light to see you through.
And remember when
you make it,
it was God, not you.


The ritual my father performed
just to make a cup of coffee,
the paper towels on the counter top,
cup and spoon and jar arranged just so
waiting for the kettle to whistle,
comes to me sitting on the edge of the bed
placing my watch, cigarettes, ashtray,
glass of dietcoke and hanky clockwise
in front of the radio on
the nightstand, just so.

He never told anyone to move
from His Chair once the cup
was brewed, just said “are you
about done sitting there?” then stood
expectantly – somehow it never
took long – until the perpetrator
came to their senses and he
could arrange the cup and more
paper towels and usually some ice cream
cookies or other health food on the end table
getting Comfortable to peer down his nose
through tribifocals at the evening papers
browse through Outdoor Life watch the tube
or mabey take a snooze until it was time
to get up and do something else, like go to bed.

Sometimes, in the livng room lit
only by the television screen,
with my feet on the coffee table
(he favored a favorite footstool)
and my hands folded across my belly, elbows up
on the arms of the chair causing my shoulders
to kind of hunch up so my neck appears
to disappear, head tilted slightly forward,
in perfect stillness but with anticipatory
tension because we know we’ll have to get up
sometime, the way I’m sitting is him, damn,
I AM him, part of me wants to move and be me
again but something else holds me fast so that
he stays with me for a little while, and I look
through his eyes again for a little while
for a little while wondering
what he might say were he here.


Sometimes the profound
becomes so lost
not likely to return
at any cost
but talking to myself
it’s no great loss
I’m still a little
suspicious of me
based on my inability
to answer questions like,
if I’m so smart, how come
I’m not rich? Or, if I’m so
cool, why am I sleeping alone?
But everything’s a phase,
these days,
and since I’m stuck
with me I’ll keep making the best
of a situation that’s not over yet.

Tuesday Morning

Some days I feel kind of funny
some days I don’t feel much at all
some days I’m riding with the top down
some days I beat my head on the wall

In an instant
happy turns into sad
in the blink of an eye
gloom goes to glad

so when there’s nothing to do
with today but get through it
find a little something to do
and go do it
in the long run
it won’t matter much
in the long run
it’s the only thing that does