Ketchup Spot

Solitude was sweeter
when stolen in wee hours
early or late, standing vigil
of sorts over sleeping loved ones,
savoring a day or simply
trying to figure things out,
with the option to crawl back
under covers to the comfort
of a warm body waiting.

As a steady diet
it grows a bit stale
but is what it is,
freedom’s ominous
henchman, the ketchup spot
on your shirt making you
feel conspicuous, the condition
you learn to live with while learning
what you can live without.



When the voices grew faint
I opened the door
and followed them
down a long corridor
illuminated by music
both white bright and dim
outside through a meadow
I kept following them
to a mountain valley
where they wore the disguise
of water falling into a pool
full of truth and lies

to the famed windy beach
where in rhythm with the surf
they casually explained
just what all this is worth
and down a street where ugliness
is beauty misunderstood
they tried hard to convince me
that everything is good

back in my darkened room
I await their return
silently hoping their favor
has been earned

Okay, Barely

Admittedly, sixty-one
is a little old for
running away from home
but when all you can do
is done yet expectations
of doing more persist
then it’s okay.

People crash and burn at will
thinking the designated piece
picker-upper will spring
into action, but the spring is broken
and it’s hard enough sorting
through my own pieces,
but it’s okay.

It is permissible to regret
circumstances and chains of events
the shortcomings which contributed
without regretting the solution
permissible but difficult
yet, it’s okay.

it’s okay
if everything is my fault
or nothing is anybody’s fault
it’s only Life
full of splendor and sorrow
surprises and suffering
and it’s okay

Knot Holes

These quirky ideas
come out at night
like Boo Radley,
a little scary but well-meaning
peeking into more
acceptable living rooms
leaving mysterious gifts
in the knot-holes in my mind
to be discovered
at odd times, tucked away
in the treasure box and studied
later in hopes of
unlocking their secrets


If only I were new and improved
not just old and like always
I’d be grabbing bulls by the horns
instead of sneaking up
on them sideways

If I had drive and ambition
instead of idle wishin’
I could be in a position
to demand terms and conditions

No one’s stealing my identity
they’d soon learn crime doesn’t pay
but it doesn’t suck that bad to be me
I got to take a nap today


With a mind unclouded
by any ambition
beyond a certain envy
of the flowers’ condition
toiling and spinning not
turn your face to the sun
breathe the gentle breeze
hold out your arm
standing still as you please
then wait to see
just how much older
you are before birds
build a nest on your shoulder