Desire sails
the ocean of dreams
in fair winds and hurricanes
seeking ports of call
seeking the armada the fleet
the companion vessel
to validate the voyage

The Dream sails
the ocean of desire
using celestial navigation
dead reckoning and prayer
in search of the Lee Shore
where running aground
into sanctuary and respite
is the goal of the voyage


Special Places

After the by-pass surgery
one feels compelled to ponder
profundities of life and death
praise angels of mercy and list
the special places in heaven
that surely await so many people
the inexplicable kindness of strangers
contemplation of the nature
of second chances

But the magnificence of the
sky and the clouds
the scent of magnolias
on the breeze and bird songs
even the sound of compressors
and nail guns from the construction
site next door all conspire
to make my whole being smile
too happy to be here
to give much thought to why.

No Warrior

He washes a plate and a frying pan
he washes a fork and knife
he washes his face, he washes his hands
and settles down for the night
trying to get his head around
the bad news of the day
mind blown by the numbers
of people who need him to pray
and how with a snap of God’s fingers
so many things are shattered
and for each of us at a given time
there is just one life that matters.

He never felt like a warrior
not qualified for the task
but they must really need it
or they wouldn’t ask
So as he lays him down to sleep
he prays the Lord their souls to keep
it may seem too simple
but it’s the bottom line
I’ll pray for yours
 you can pray for mine

After the Insects

After the insects have gone to sleep
the quiet stillness becomes complete
a silence so profoundly deep
it seems you can hear your
own blood flowing

You can hear the approach
of a breath of a breeze
moments before it rustles
the nearby leaves
then it’s gone
and the stillness keeps growing

The moon in the cobalt dome
like the eye of God presiding
over the barely seen scene
where longed for spirits cease hiding
and emerge to merge
into a greater knowing


Scars require no explanation
when broken people congregate
they know how life happens
and they know it’s never too late
for the healing power of laughter
for the healing power of touch
when that’s all they have to offer
each other and the rest is just too much


Certainly uncertainty
is destined to accompany
me on this fractious journey
limping toward eternity

Can’t say I do though
I know I should
too many epic fails
at doing good
have cost me sleep
and peace of mind
when I never wanted
to be unkind

Perhaps the heroes of fables
had simpler choices: How much
easier to recognize the enemy
when they have snakes for hair
or big horns in their foreheads.

Guess I wasn’t made
to run into the fire
dive into raging floods
build some empire
be put out to stud
when it comes to these
I’m mostly a dud

But I try to bear witness
to the beauty I see
and the valor of those
much braver than me
I cry the pains
and sing the triumphs
and pray in the end
it is enough