Flat broke and broke down
living day to day
might be a little late now
to learn a different way
tied up on the tracks
waiting for the karma express
but it’s kind of warm and sunny
so I’m not too depressed

the secret to survival
seems to be not dying
the secret to not failing
is to keep on trying
the secret to a clear conscience is
don’t do what you know is wrong
the secret to not getting lost
is to find where you belong


Still Standing

Over the hill
and several mountains
drug up a creek or two
til getting from one end of
the day to the other
is about all that I can do

I can remember
being young and strong
and good for something or other
now I guess
the joke’s on me,
I’m hardly worth the bother

But if I were the president
or a lottery millionaire
I couldn’t take the grief away
from people for whom I care
I can’t learn the lessons again for them
we all have to live the hard parts
I only hope the fact that I’m still standing
might help to give them heart


Gravity brooks no
resistance for long
just ask the juggler
whose timing went wrong
the fallen come
to a sudden stop
why pyramids have
their points on top

Down the dead end we
consider what has occurred
that put us here
and what we once were
before gravity showed us
who was the boss
leaving us among
the shards of our loss

Somewhere nearby
the traffic still flows
and if we can find
our get up and go
we may still rise
on these broken wings
to find a place
and a reason to sing

Too Late

There are warning signs
we should not ignore
though it blows your mind
what might be in store
if you see a way around it
give that way a try
if you leave it like you found it
it may haunt you by and by

When the chips are down
and the fuse is lit
your forehead breaks out
in a cold sweat
I suddenly remember
what there was to fear
but it’s too late to wonder
how the hell I got here

Time to stop thinking
and swing for the bleachers
and hope we learned something
from the right teachers
Hope I’m still standing
at the end of the day
so I can lay down by choice
Is that too much to pray?


I lost faith in plans
many years ago
they mostly went wrong
and I had nothing to show
but terrible messes
and mud on my face
but I still make plans
just in case

Now I plan another
two-day hunker
here in my secret
fall down bunker
but I don’t plan
to get any drunker
than your average
broken down clunker

Urges and appetites
and desperate moves
stampede through my brain
like thundering hooves
of wild horses resisting
all efforts to be tamed
but I have it to do
there’s no one else to blame

So I guess the plan
is to live like a monk
until I free myself
of all of this junk
that’s holding me down
and holding me back
gonna get myself
on the right track


I know everything is different
though the routine is much the same
the differences are minute
hard to detect the change

I still look to the moon
high in the cold night sky
wondering where it all went
and asking myself why
another year largely wasted
watching things go by

thoughts that I can’t quite express
and music I can’t quite play
the need to continue trying
just won’t go away

So go ahead, time, keep rolling
the struggle will continue
God grant me laughter
at my mistakes
until my time is through

My Pathetic

I’d rather not
walk a mile
no matter whose
shoes I’m in
I prefer letting
my mind do
the wandering

My pathetic has
plenty of em and sym
so it’s easy enough
not to judge
imagination takes me
enough places I
don’t want to go

here in the glass house
we keep stones under
lock and key so we
won’t be tempted to throw