Rode hard and put up wet
ain’t the worst feeling I’ve had yet
Gotta be careful what you will or won’t
No tellin’ what they might do if you don’t

When it’s too loud to hear yourself think
and your eyes are burning but you’re scared to blink
’cause what you may take for granted today
will likely up and go away

What you’re holding on to
may be real or not
but you keep holding on
because it’s all you’ve got

Keep telling yourself that it’s all good
if you keep doing the things that you should
except the bad stuff laying in wait
may our hearts be bold enough
to deal with our fates

Life and Death

They say the old boy’s car broke down
off in some South Georgia town
So he’s doing’ odd jobs to pay for repairs
no tellin’ how long he’ll be stuck there
Every day is another surprise
you might laugh or you might cry
roll with the punches and hold your breath
might be a matter of life and death
He clocked home early and went home sick
the strange car in the driveway was another kick
had some options, none of them was good
ain’t always easy doin’ what you think you should
Every day is another surprise
you might laugh or you might cry
roll with the punches and hold your breath
might be a matter of life and death
You get used to things being a certain way
but tomorrow is another day
never know if it will be better or worse
or if you’ll feel you’ve been blessed or cursed
A closet full of memories and tools in the garage
a sinking feeling thirty years were a mirage
sorting through old picture, old letters and cards
she knew the day was coming,
didn’t know it would be so hard
Every day is another surprise
you might laugh or you might cry
roll with the punches and take a deep breath
probably a matter of life and death

No Warrior

He washes a plate and a frying pan
he washes a fork and knife
he washes his face, he washes his hands
and settles down for the night
trying to get his head around
the bad news of the day
mind blown by the numbers
of people who need him to pray
and how with a snap of God’s fingers
so many things are shattered
and for each of us at a given time
there is just one life that matters.

He never felt like a warrior
not qualified for the task
but they must really need it
or they wouldn’t ask
So as he lays him down to sleep
he prays the Lord their souls to keep
it may seem too simple
but it’s the bottom line
I’ll pray for yours
you can pray for mine


Sometimes the profound
becomes so lost
not likely to return
at any cost
but talking to myself
it’s no great loss
I’m still a little
suspicious of me
based on my inability
to answer questions like,
if I’m so smart, how come
I’m not rich? Or, if I’m so
cool, why am I sleeping alone?
But everything’s a phase,
these days,
and since I’m stuck
with me I’ll keep making the best
of a situation that’s not over yet.


When the world is not so amusing
your faith will be tested
by all the bad news and
often being bested
all the wrong things going on
obscure things that are right
and there is nothing you can do
except pray with all your might

It would be nice if signs
those prayers are working
were not so few
and far between
but the occasional miracle observed
keeps us proclaiming
what we have seen


I don’t want a lot
more than I want
but I don’t think much
about either
until a choice
presents itself
requiring a believer

avoiding pursuit
avoiding retreat
avoiding resistance
avoiding defeat
if simple peace
is your heart’s desire
God may keep you
from the fire
unless something
more important comes

which has to be beaten
which has to be won
and struggle becomes
your true admission
into the heart
of the human condition
and peace is acceptance
of whatever fate
leads you to
the Garden’s gate

Tuesday Morning

Some days I feel kind of funny
some days I don’t feel much at all
some days I’m riding with the top down
some days I beat my head on the wall

In an instant
happy turns into sad
in the blink of an eye
gloom goes to glad

so when there’s nothing to do
with today but get through it
find a little something to do
and go do it
in the long run
it won’t matter much
in the long run
it’s the only thing that does