The Dry Spell

The dry spell may reveal
some forgotten truth
some suppressed memory
of your youth
it may show an error
in the way
that you live your life today

Too many voices
whisper in your ear
for anything they say
to be very clear
confusion about what’s lost
and what’s left to gain
their dependence on
the chances for rain

When Life creeps back in
to the abandoned space
we get a renewed sense
of the underlying grace
insisting that there can
be no surrender here
no matter the odds
no matter the fear
our job is to try
to persevere



When it feels like darkness
may over take you
light a candle and sing you a song
when you don’t really want to
but they manage to make you
laugh it off and sing you a song

If no one seems to care
what you have to share
say oh well, and sing you a song
when it seems like you’re never
going to get there
keep going, and sing you a song

Sing a song that says
you’re still on your feet
sing a song that says
you haven’t been beat
sing a song that says
you won’t stop trying
you may suddenly find
that you’re flying

If you want to bite someone
but you’re short on teeth
thank goodness, and sing you a song
might have been a lawsuit
you’d be buried beneath
shrug it off and sing you a song

When the world suggests
that it’s not your day
flip the world off and sing you a song
you cannot win if you do not play
take a chance, sing you a song

Sing a song that says
you’re still on your feet
sing a song that says
you haven’t been beat
sing a song that says
you won’t stop trying
you may suddenly find
that you’re flying

Hard Way

The broken king crouches
beside the fire near the rock face
blackened by smoke under
leafless trees giving
no protection from the
cold moonlight.

It is a small fire
suggesting only the memory
of warmth, a vague promise of light,
but yearning for other times and
places does not improve
the current situation.

Night birds add insult
to injury, their carefree
warbles completely unconcerned
with the kings distress

The addition of fuel
and the passage of time
may bring the hermit king
to a more familiar pleasanter place
or it may not. This predicament
is laughable out of necessity
under the heading “just desserts” .
Chuckling at one’s own tragedy
is a skill only learned the hard way.


Certainly uncertainty
is destined to accompany
me on this fractious journey
limping toward eternity

Can’t say I do though
I know I should
too many epic fails
at doing good
have cost me sleep
and peace of mind
when I never wanted
to be unkind

Perhaps the heroes of fables
had simpler choices: How much
easier to recognize the enemy
when they have snakes for hair
or big horns in their foreheads.

Guess I wasn’t made
to run into the fire
dive into raging floods
build some empire
be put out to stud
when it comes to these
I’m mostly a dud

But I try to bear witness
to the beauty I see
and the valor of those
much braver than me
I cry the pains
and sing the triumphs
and pray in the end
it is enough

When Your Sword Is Drenched

When your sword is drenched
in the dragon’s blood
and you’ve reached high ground
ahead of the flood
the maiden has been freed
from her great distress
let no one say that
you aren’t the best
remember these deeds
and that they were true
even on days when
the bear eats you


Standing in the debris
of what you once believed in
scattered like afterthoughts
among bruised feelings
there will be promising shards
gather them up to rebuild
what’s left of your life
on a molecular level
eschewing the heirarchies
you have watched crumble
strive to keep your hopes
and dreams humble

The joys may be modest
but so are the pains
there is much we don’t wish
to live through again
still should a shard swell
like a hot air balloon
don’t fear letting it
carry you to the moon


The giver perceives a loaf
the receiver perceives crumbs
the giver sees a torrent
the getter sees a trickle
the many miles given
are scorned as merely inches

the views of the journey
are refracted through
the lens of need
is it fair to measure love
by a willingness to bleed
with one leg in a cast
a marathon run is not expected
damages to heart and soul
are not so easily detected

the past must be understood
before it can be left behind
a well gone dry may refill
if given enough time
no healing without forgiveness
without forgiveness, no love
angry desperation
soon turns a heart to stone
and so much is lost
so much is lost