The fragile peace fractured
by chain reactions
too many people
got no satisfaction

God knows the reason
God knows the cause
wish he didn’t make me
with so many flaws

Guess it’s too late to
ask Him to change His mind
just wish a way forward
was easier to find

If I don’t find it
it will likely find me
but it isn’t easy
to just wait and see



Each teapot knows its own tempest
the salt shaker is unaware
the frying pan has its own sizzle to handle
and doesn’t really care
they suppose that it is just
whistlin’ a happy tune
but someone turning off the heat
cannot come too soon

it seems sometimes our function
is to be permanently in distress
and our main goal is to act
unaffected, more or less
so many shiny teapots
boiling secretly
keep moving along, folks
there’s nothing here to see

A Good Chance

The clouds were missing
a good chance to rain
thunder made empty threats
the wind could not be explained
darkness descended
we lost our focus
there were those in the shadows
wanting to choke us
to keep us from learning
what we needed to know
to put up a fight
to make a good show

They had facts and figures
supporting their claim
that the victims needed
to shoulder the blame
we had nothing
but a will to live
and a notion of what
we were willing to give
when the clouds missed
a good chance to rain
how we escaped
I cannot explain
divine intervention
is a possibility
and a stubborn refusal
to be less than free

When we slipped through
the dragnet, the clouds finally let go
washing our tracks away
so evil could not follow

Somebody, Buddy

His daddy used to beat him just for something to do
so he grew up with an issue or two
took a little hard time to settle him down
still punched walls when no one was around
she saw something in him no one else did
she reached out and touched a scared little kid
brought him from the shadows into the light
gave him a path to a different life

If you think love can’t change somebody
buddy, you don’t know love

She was afraid to be too happy
always seemed to lead to something crappy
so she drank to keep the demons at bay
it was never enough to keep the blues away
then he saw something no one else did
reached out and touched a scared little kid
brought her from the shadows into the light
gave her a path to a different life

If you think love can’t change somebody
buddy, you don’t know love

one extreme to the other or right up the middle
all anybody wants is a little
love to help them defeat the hate
make everything worth the wait
when someone sees what no one else sees
love’s gonna bring you to your knees
out of the shadows and into the light
show you a way to a different life

If you think love can’t change somebody
buddy, you don’t know love

The Dry Spell

The dry spell may reveal
some forgotten truth
some suppressed memory
of your youth
it may show an error
in the way
that you live your life today

Too many voices
whisper in your ear
for anything they say
to be very clear
confusion about what’s lost
and what’s left to gain
their dependence on
the chances for rain

When Life creeps back in
to the abandoned space
we get a renewed sense
of the underlying grace
insisting that there can
be no surrender here
no matter the odds
no matter the fear
our job is to try
to persevere


I lost faith in plans
many years ago
they mostly went wrong
and I had nothing to show
but terrible messes
and mud on my face
but I still make plans
just in case

Now I plan another
two-day hunker
here in my secret
fall down bunker
but I don’t plan
to get any drunker
than your average
broken down clunker

Urges and appetites
and desperate moves
stampede through my brain
like thundering hooves
of wild horses resisting
all efforts to be tamed
but I have it to do
there’s no one else to blame

So I guess the plan
is to live like a monk
until I free myself
of all of this junk
that’s holding me down
and holding me back
gonna get myself
on the right track


Looking back
and looking forward
are starting to look the same
peeking aroung a corner
focusing on a distant flame

As we remain under siege
by a whole host of temptations
that turn the best intentions
into idle contemplations

Rusty hinges and broken wings
make it difficult to acheive some things
and becoming what we’re meant to be
is a lonely voyage on a stormy sea.

We only fail
if we cease to try
the struggle its own
reason why

Every day gives another chance
Each day gives another choice
so hitch up your grown-up pants
hold your head up and rejoice