Feathered Friends

I might see storm clouds
I might see sunshine
or something in between
if I peek out of the blinds
the room is a lttle dark
some might even say gloomy
but my friends the birds are out there
and they’re still singing to me

The lies that I tell myself
about what matters or not
may help me through the night
but I don’t believe a lot
a seasoned seeker of the truth
is not easy to deceive
I just wish I didn’t have
so many things to grieve

So serenade me, feathered friends
lift me on your wings
so I’ll believe it’s worth it
when I, too, choose to sing

Life and Death

They say the old boy’s car broke down
off in some South Georgia town
So he’s doing’ odd jobs to pay for repairs
no tellin’ how long he’ll be stuck there
Every day is another surprise
you might laugh or you might cry
roll with the punches and hold your breath
might be a matter of life and death
He clocked home early and went home sick
the strange car in the driveway was another kick
had some options, none of them was good
ain’t always easy doin’ what you think you should
Every day is another surprise
you might laugh or you might cry
roll with the punches and hold your breath
might be a matter of life and death
You get used to things being a certain way
but tomorrow is another day
never know if it will be better or worse
or if you’ll feel you’ve been blessed or cursed
A closet full of memories and tools in the garage
a sinking feeling thirty years were a mirage
sorting through old picture, old letters and cards
she knew the day was coming,
didn’t know it would be so hard
Every day is another surprise
you might laugh or you might cry
roll with the punches and take a deep breath
probably a matter of life and death

Merry Solstice

Sit in the sun
stand in the shade
melt in one
place or evaporate

Don’t mind the heat
or we wouldn’t be cooking
and half-dressed women
make for better looking

than Eskimos bundled
head to toe
(though snuggles are better
when it’s a little cold)

but a hot snuggle
would be better than none
when you’re delirious
from too much sun

I digress, we’re talking
about long days and heat
not what is or
isn’t sweet

so keep it cool
and stay hydrated
is overrated.


God won’t give you
more than you can handle
but the devil plays
by different rules.
Too much good
or too much bad
can make you act a fool.

So you have to pray
for guidance, for
some light to see you through.
And remember when
you make it,
it was God, not you.


Sometimes the profound
becomes so lost
not likely to return
at any cost
but talking to myself
it’s no great loss
I’m still a little
suspicious of me
based on my inability
to answer questions like,
if I’m so smart, how come
I’m not rich? Or, if I’m so
cool, why am I sleeping alone?
But everything’s a phase,
these days,
and since I’m stuck
with me I’ll keep making the best
of a situation that’s not over yet.


When the world is not so amusing
your faith will be tested
by all the bad news and
often being bested
all the wrong things going on
obscure things that are right
and there is nothing you can do
except pray with all your might

It would be nice if signs
those prayers are working
were not so few
and far between
but the occasional miracle observed
keeps us proclaiming
what we have seen


I don’t want a lot
more than I want
but I don’t think much
about either
until a choice
presents itself
requiring a believer

avoiding pursuit
avoiding retreat
avoiding resistance
avoiding defeat
if simple peace
is your heart’s desire
God may keep you
from the fire
unless something
more important comes

which has to be beaten
which has to be won
and struggle becomes
your true admission
into the heart
of the human condition
and peace is acceptance
of whatever fate
leads you to
the Garden’s gate