Hack Hacks

Wishing is more fun than working, but less effective.

The struggle is real, even if it’s all in your head. Your head is real.

Don’t try to drown your sorrows, the damn things swim like fish.

Never pass up a chance to go back to bed.

It’s better to give than to receive advice.

Sometimes you have to unplug to recharge.



You can wang dang your doodle
you can doodle your dang wang
no one really cares
what you do with those thangs

Nor should you be too concerned
with what they do with theirs
we’re not here to pass judgement
we’re just here to share

if we get too obsessed
with wang dangs and doodles
we’ll likely miss the boat and lose
the whole kit and kaboodle

Roadkill on the Highway of Love

a little too much country radio today, perhaps

As luck would have it
he ran out of luck
when she stepped out of
that blue pickup truck
his defense could not handle
the formation she showed
like a possum in the headlights
on a dark country road
he was roadkill
on the highway of love

the story has been told
millions of times
and immortalized
with impeccable rhymes
but each time it happens
it’s a unique case
and the victim goes down
with a smile on their face
like roadkill on
the highway of love

The highway of love
is all express lanes
the joys are intense
but so are the pains
you have to keep moving
’cause if you stand still
on the highway of love
you’ll just be more roadkill

So They Say

Killing time just
waiting on the denouement
when ambushed by the possibility
of any number of subsequent acts
fraught with unknown perils
brimming with vague promise
resistance seems futile
for the knowledge that
there are no happy endings
(how can an ending be happy?)
seems insufficient
to decline a beginning
(beginnings are happy)
it ain’t over til it’s over
so they say

Next Time

Next time you are surrounded,
why don’t you try giving in?
Victory through surrender,
it’s the only way to win.
It’s just yourself you’re fighting,
your mind versus your skin,
but which one fights for freedom,
and which one fights for sin?

Who of them deserves to judge
what we choose to deny?
Would anyone presume to teach
the sparrow how to fly?

Some of us must follow
and some of us must lead.
a victory is not hollow
just because you chance to bleed
This is not gall we swallow,
I’m not too proud to plead.
My reasons have no number,
they are endless as my need

Who could have the right to say
what’s right for you and I?
Who of them deserves to judge
what we choose to deny?

then the Now

Curiously content
for Now
for no reason
a lack of expectations
of requirements
pretense unnecessary

at times stressless
leads to restless
waiting for a shoe to drop
an urgent request
an unreasonable demand

but when the future
neither threatens
nor beckons
and the past is reflecting
sunshine and smiles
then the Now
which is all we really have
is at least okay
maybe better

Okay, Barely

Admittedly, sixty-one
is a little old for
running away from home
but when all you can do
is done yet expectations
of doing more persist
then it’s okay.

People crash and burn at will
thinking the designated piece
picker-upper will spring
into action, but the spring is broken
and it’s hard enough sorting
through my own pieces,
but it’s okay.

It is permissible to regret
circumstances and chains of events
the shortcomings which contributed
without regretting the solution
permissible but difficult
yet, it’s okay.

it’s okay
if everything is my fault
or nothing is anybody’s fault
it’s only Life
full of splendor and sorrow
surprises and suffering
and it’s okay