Came home to the corpse
of a spider in the kitchen
legs curled in the air
in a spidery fetal position

There are no signs of foul play
from its size it could have died
of old age, so I wonder,
how long has it been
sharing my home?

And I think, could it have been
the victim of some larger and
more terrifying insect
even now lurking under the
stove, waiting for me to doze
off so it can pounce?

Not that I am a scairdy cat,
but maybe I should sleep
in the car for a day or forever



The prevailing winds prevail
the clouds pale gray in the moonlight
cast shadows on the phosphorescent sea
bright then dark then bright again
like the sorrows between life’s joys
the prevailing winds prevail

Last Wave

A new crescent moon
over a palmetto tree
a sea as still
as a sea can be
on the horizon the sun
peeks over a low bank of clouds
to bring splendid colors
back to the morning world

On a Georgia beach
watching the Carolina flag
come to life
but the ocean has
its own state of mind
gave it the ashes of my heart
too long ago
I come back when I can
to see if they have advice
for the pieces of my soul

Like broken shells
thrown on the sand
by the mission’s last wave
driftwood waiting to be
repurposed, waiting for a tide
high enough to carry us on
a new journey

With no answer at hand
I turn back inland
to the grey routine
which sustains the quest
secure in the knowledge
that the magic exists
hopeful that the answer
may be forthcoming

The Heart of the Low Roar

At the heart of the low roar
of unceasing wind
eternal motion of ocean
a stillness can be found
somehow more profound
than the hushed forest glade
the darkened 3 a.m. room

the stillness of the axle
around which the wheel turns
the trick is to carry the stillness
as you move on

Stone to Stone

Difficulties come
they’ve been here before
never know what you’ll find
when you step out the door
you may be reminded
just what you can live without
and a hundred different reasons
to be filled with doubt

Respite will come
once you’ve paid the cost
if you can navigate the valley
without getting lost
too much respite fools us
into letting our guards down
so it takes us by surprise
when difficulties come around

The road is a tricky road
life filled with unknowns
but there is beauty to be observed
as we jump from stone to stone
when we slip and get wet
there is Love to help us dry
even if it’s in disguise
as the sun in the sky


A spider web
in a tree shining
in the morning sun
undulating gently in the breeze
gives one to understand
that God is in his heaven
and the plan continues
to unfold

Conflicting Opinions

We prayed for God
to divert the storm
we only felt a glancing blow
but someone was in the bullseye
were their prayers not as good
as ours? I’d like to know.

There are conflicting opinions
as to who’s being punished for what
but to the extent that His hand
is in this at all I believe
He is still trying to teach us
how desperately we need each other

If you go it alone
that’s how you arrive
what’s the point of that
are you really alive