Not Quite Guilty

Regular common events
agreed to measure
the passage of time
continue to occur regularly.
My suspicion that I should
actually be a ghost now
makes my enjoyment of them
a not quite guilty pleasure

The fear that I’ve really
been a ghost for years
experiencing an elaborately
constructed hellish heaven
or heavenly hell is not something
a sane person should consider
so I try not to

Rather focusing on
the beauty of regular
common events in faith
that I am experiencing time
in the common regular way


Red Letter

Red letter days
start out like the others
pregnant with promise
under ominous clouds
but beyond birthings and dyings
few are nailed down frozen
even holidays tend to melt
together. So every day is
an anniversary, we’re just not
sure of what. Most memories
don’t have dates associated
but float in clouds of good and bad.

So on my sixty-fifth crack
at this date, I don’t expect
to make history, but I’ll cross
the bridges I come to. One never knows
what’s on the other side, and
if I make the sixty-sixth
maybe I’ll remember this one.

A Good Chance

The clouds were missing
a good chance to rain
thunder made empty threats
the wind could not be explained
darkness descended
we lost our focus
there were those in the shadows
wanting to choke us
to keep us from learning
what we needed to know
to put up a fight
to make a good show

They had facts and figures
supporting their claim
that the victims needed
to shoulder the blame
we had nothing
but a will to live
and a notion of what
we were willing to give
when the clouds missed
a good chance to rain
how we escaped
I cannot explain
divine intervention
is a possibility
and a stubborn refusal
to be less than free

When we slipped through
the dragnet, the clouds finally let go
washing our tracks away
so evil could not follow

Beyond the Rain

A rainy morning is a good excuse
to look at what we have to lose
it might be a pretty short list
because of shots taken and missed
or because so much has already been lost
to the inexorable frost

Comparing what your have
to what you never had
or what’s already gone
might make you sad

So don’t. Think beyond the rain
to what it makes grow
think of the sun shining
through a rainbow
and know there is nothing
to lose or to gain
only thanks to give
for the morning rain


We want things
to mean something
flowers and lightning
laughter and crying
a loved one’s touch
the beating of our hearts

we are quite sure
they mean something
but explaining what
gets a little tricky
the more important it is
the more inadequate are words

I think Einstein said
if you can’t explain it to
a six year old, you don’t
understand it well enough
but the trust and faith
of children make elaborate
details unnecessary

And didn’t that Jesus
suggest becoming as little
children? We want things
to mean something
and they do
but don’t give yourself
a headache figuring out what
just believe in the belief

Late Summer’s Night Shakes

Gentle sunshine
rains down on the perpetual parade.
Plenty of nothing
signifies the sound of one
hand clapping furiously.
Perchance we only dream
of these outrageous fortunes,
rub-a-dub-dub and let it Be.
Curiously, the cat dies of
inattention rather than
dignifying any of this
with a response.

Accidental Life

The spontaneous flow
is the best way to go

it always seems
the progress of dreams
quickly falls apart
whenever you start
attempting to plan
define or understand

when the moment is magic
it’s stupid and tragic
to try to name it
cut it out and frame it

try the faith of a child
and let it grow wild