Perhaps no maps
to guide us anymore
no way to know
what may be in store
any time we go out the door

Traditions and rituals
lay abandoned by the road
maintenance is hard
when you carry the load
of too many farewells
too many resting in peace
that first instinct
is to seek release

Survival mode makes demands
that we don’t even understand
underground, under water
hold your breath and pray
 that path through the wilderness
brings you to the light of day



Not all blessings are easy
not everything easy is a blessing
learning to tell the difference
is one of life’s critical lessons

Class is always in session
so it’s best to pay attention

Not all trials are God’s judgment
nor is God’s judgment always punishment
no matter that we probably deserve it
He prefers to give our souls nourishment

If we’ll only learn to ask
He’ll guide us through each task

At Bay

I left a candle burning
like the light at Motel 6
no one sought this meager shelter
no one stopped by to fix
any holes in heart or mind
but really, that’s okay
the candle did the job quite well,
keeping the darkness at bay

Mostly True

Based on a mostly true story
though liberties have been taken
names have been changed
to protect innocent and guilty
alike until we figure out
who is who and how much damage
further revelation will do

Sometimes the struggle
is just a breeze
sometimes it brings
you to your knees
and you just can’t make
it go away so while
you’re kneeling you
might as well pray

Sometimes it works
sometimes it doesn’t
but it might help you
make the adjustment
so what is real is
not so important


To honor for whom
sacrifices were made
I framed the remnants
of the blade
in a shadow box
hung above the mantle

What might have been
bloodstains added patina
and gravitas
but only hints of
the actual loss

Poor execution is but one
of my many faults
too often witnessed
by the disapproving moon


If the right thing
was always easy to do
we’d all be saints
but clearly that’s not true

good is better than bad
truth is better than lies
but people see them differently
I don’t understand why

compromise and forgiveness
are not on the agendas
of the prophets of mistrust
and the Great Pretenders

It’s up to the rest of us
to overcome the despair
it’s a full time job but we must
continue to care


I chose to not set
the clock back in my car
so I secretly drive through the future
but I don’t get very far
Everywhere I stop
it still seems to be now
I was hoping to get beyond this
if I could figure out how.

With body and mind exhausted
so are the possibilities
without fuel to start a fire
this old cold heart may freeze
but seasons seem to change
they don’t require my consent
warmth will return in due time
it is all heaven sent