A quarter moon
in a clear blue sky
a gentle breeze
makes me want to fly
straight up to it
but I can’t do it
I’m earthbound
no way around
that situation
but it doesn’t bring me down
the spirit takes me
where my body cannot be
it’s almost the same
as really being free



A new moon rises
in the pre-dawn skies
there are no bright lights
shining in my eyes
except an occasional headlight
as I make my way
to that place where they pay me
to spend my day

Not a mover or shaker
or much of a risk taker
I stay under the radar
as much as I can
that’s how it is
for a working man
who doesn’t expect
to hear his name
unless they are looking
for someone to blame

Just so much grist
in the economic mill
it’s a long road
and it’s all uphill
reasons to smile can be
hard to find
unless you are able
to free your mind
let your soul gaze down
on the noise and smoke
and wonder if they’d fix it
if they knew it was broke

When you get to the other end
the sun is sinking low
nobody telling you what to do
or where to go
unsure whether to cry or laugh
I guess the best we can hope for
is half and half

Deeper Hours

In the deeper hours
memory and dreams
go together
like Fred and Ginger
like cookies and milk
like lightning and thunder
and who can tell
what spell you’re under

it’s a half-conscious haze
in high definition
that has you considering
aborting the mission
but the light is still
far enough away
you think it may be
safe to play

in the manic starlight
the cool night breeze
and you have no one
else to please
and in the end
the end will be here
until then remember
to dream without fear

After the Insects

After the insects have gone to sleep
the quiet stillness becomes complete
a silence so profoundly deep
it seems you can hear your
own blood flowing

You can hear the approach
of a breath of a breeze
moments before it rustles
the nearby leaves
then it’s gone
and the stillness keeps growing

The moon in the cobalt dome
like the eye of God presiding
over the barely seen scene
where longed for spirits cease hiding
and emerge to merge
into a greater knowing


Water and whiskey
are doubly risky
when you add a blue moon
and a mournful tune
and all the sorrow
in the known universe
fits in the back
of an average hearse

clouds like phantoms
in the ghostly light
guarding the secrets
of the night
and like angels dancing
on the head of a pin
lift you out of the
hole that you’re in

In the onslaught of beauty
sadness must yield
to the wonder and awe
you begin to feel
your soul fills
with what you see
in a moment perfect
as only moments can be

No Clue Necessary

Don’t have a clue
what house the moon is in
let alone what Jupiter
or Mars are up to
but when she shines
so full and bright
I get a vaguely Aquarian feeling
peacefully harmonic
and whether it is unfolding
or folding the universe
is as it should be
as far as I know or care