Been talking to the moon
but I get no reply
I hear the branches rustle
I hear the night wind sigh
but the Moon, she will not comment
on these earthly goings on
she’s lovely, but she’s distant
as I wait for the dawn
she draws me like the ocean tide
keeping me in suspense
the thrill I feel is only
the echo of her silence


Do Over

The setting sun thumbs
its nose at the darkness
with a final burst of
color and light smugly
shouting, “top that, night!”

The night is cool
it calls and raises
a few thousand stars
and a calming moon
boasting its stolen light

On the fence between
passion and peace
the witness waffles
can we do it over tomorrow?


To honor for whom
sacrifices were made
I framed the remnants
of the blade
in a shadow box
hung above the mantle

What might have been
bloodstains added patina
and gravitas
but only hints of
the actual loss

Poor execution is but one
of my many faults
too often witnessed
by the disapproving moon


I wish Einstein was here to explain
how the hours drag so slow
and the years go so fast
then he could tell me how Jesus is planning
to make the last first
and the first become last

If I’m in the middle
is that where I’ll stay?
Lord, help me know
just what to pray

I’ve grown too old
to sing a young man’s song
but I used to be certain
of what’s right and wrong
thought I had the strength
to do something about it
after seeing so much
even Einstein would doubt it

If I’m in the middle
is that where I’ll stay?
Lord, help me know
just what to pray

It seems everyday
sees another friend gone
their families struggle
just to carry on
this ebbing and flowing
they cut like a knife
Einstein would probably
say, “Hey, that’s life”

If I’m in the middle
is that where I’ll stay?
Lord, help me know
just what to pray

The setting sun paints
a fleeting masterpiece
I wait for it to come
back around from the east
and hope the pale moonlight
will light my way
Einstein why is night
so much longer than day

If I’m in the middle
is that where I’ll stay?
Lord, help me remember
just why I pray


The prevailing winds prevail
the clouds pale gray in the moonlight
cast shadows on the phosphorescent sea
bright then dark then bright again
like the sorrows between life’s joys
the prevailing winds prevail

Deep End

The heat breaks
the night turns cooler
you think of changing seasons
you’re glad to feel it coming
though you can’t give a reason

each trip around the sun
takes you further from the old dream
closer to one you’ve yet to imagine
some days you’re just glad
to be anywhere
floating in the deep end

The answer to your question
might be that it depends
who you find beside you
floating in the deep end

misery likes to be alone
happy prefers a companion
while you wish upon a moon
floating in the deep end


Water and whiskey
are doubly risky
when you add a blue moon
and a mournful tune
and all the sorrow
in the known universe
fits in the back
of an average hearse

clouds like phantoms
in the ghostly light
guarding the secrets
of the night
and like angels dancing
on the head of a pin
lift you out of the
hole that you’re in

In the onslaught of beauty
sadness must yield
to the wonder and awe
you begin to feel
your soul fills
with what you see
in a moment perfect
as only moments can be