It’s a sad feeling
to be asked for help
you cannot give
a reminder of every
mistake ever made
as well as good deeds
which did not go unpunished

But we cannot change
the path that led
to this arrival
it’s not tough love
though love certainly is
it’s just a matter
of survival

Faith is most important
when nothing is clear
learning to hold on to it
is why we are here



My mind lay fallow
waiting for the wind
to blow the seed
of a new idea in
but these sprouts
look familiar and it’s
no wonder

you don’t look
for strawberries
in an onion patch
but it gets confusing
trying to match
what pops up
from under

all these dead leaves
with the reasons I thought
I had to laugh or to grieve
striving for beauty
or usefulness
but just a babbling
fool, I guess

I’m not all that
just a little of this
when it’s all over
very few will miss
why we do what we do
is a mystery
just recording an
obscure history


an abundance of angels
of death, life, mercy,
some indefinable in-between
in something like an upscale refugee
camp with reclining chairs
and vending machines

I see you, ICU,
tribes stake out their corners
of the room, trying to act
normal and look their best
while their lives are being
shattered and their faith
put to the test

Some prayers are answered
to immense relief
some are not
and there is grief
but the test is passed
when a lady buys an orange soda
for a thirsty new friend
of lesser means

and kindness remains
the only currency which
never devalues


Guilty as hell about looking back
to check on the progress I’ve made
guilty of ignoring unpleasant facts
that might rain on my parade
guilty of holding on too long
to things that burn my hands
guilty of abandoning
numerous dreams and plans

None of these things
is a chargeable crime
but they make me guilty
of wasting my time
I don’t even notice
til it’s already wasted
but I still remember
exactly how it tasted

Since time has wasted me
I guess I’m evening the score
and if God is willing
I’ll be wasting some more

What I have been has created
what I have become
sometimes I’m guilty
of just playing dumb
I cannot return
to where I came from
I can’t have it all
so I’ll settle for some

Since time has wasted me
I guess I’m evening the score
and if God is willing
I’ll be wasting some more

Praise Mercy

When you have pains that you can live with
and pains you can’t live without
one day you beg the Lord for mercy
the next you praise Him with a shout
the process is confusing
but you don’t need to comprehend
as long as you aren’t broken
just be glad that you can bend

and when you feel yourself cracking
or you’re in pieces on the ground
you may be the beneficiary
of a miracle most profound
of course you’ll never be the same
but you may rise above
what you once thought was the pinnacle
on the wings of the Healing Dove

looking back on the journey
one thing you will know
the Lord had mercy on you
so praise him all creatures below