Meditation on The Toilet Seat

“Always put the toilet seat down.” was all the answer I could get
when I asked for words of wisdom
on the night before my wedding. I was hoping
for something grander, of course, at twenty-seven
we want the secrets of life to have
a more dramatic ring

But since that was all the Fatherly Advice he would give,
I felt obliged to follow it scrupulously. Over the years
I have lowered every toilet seat I happened to pass
an exercise not unlike Zen Koans, calisthenics, or
praying with rosary beads, in that the
good you get

remains largely unnoticed until
the moment of satori epiphany, which in this case was
twenty years of bending. . .and the realization that
putting the seat down puts the Other first,
the Golden Rule in micro-Cosmic practice, a seemingly
small act of consideration until you Get

It: no courtesy is insignificant, and the secrets of life
ain’t no secret. If they weren’t true, they wouldn’t BE
clichés and proverbs, and the less time we spend
in dispute, the more time we have to
put toilet seats down.



Between the bottom of the blind
and the window sill
a strip of sunlit grass
calls me to be more
than an old man waiting
for the next unavoidable chore

Considered decisions
are not my forte
reactions and impulses
are more my way
descending from your
favorite summit,
why spiral down
when you can plummet?


I celebrate
the mountain top
and the sea shore
where we are reminded
there is so much more
than the execution
of mundane chores
and knick knacks bought
in knick knack stores
God is found in everything
but some inspire us to sing

I celebrate
love and beauty
that make joy and laughter
a pleasant duty
I celebrate
grief and mourning
serving as a vivid warning
to take nothing for granted
savor it all
there is too little time
before the last call
God is found in everything
may it all inspire
us to sing


Not all blessings are easy
not everything easy is a blessing
learning to tell the difference
is one of life’s critical lessons

Class is always in session
so it’s best to pay attention

Not all trials are God’s judgment
nor is God’s judgment always punishment
no matter that we probably deserve it
He prefers to give our souls nourishment

If we’ll only learn to ask
He’ll guide us through each task

Without Reservation

with the Longing
without expectation
without regret
without reservation

that the empty place
down in your core (acceptance
of longing is Faith)
need not define you
may at times be ignored

retribution from the
spirits who give
that elegant Longing with
which you must

then the Now

Curiously content
for Now
for no reason
a lack of expectations
of requirements
pretense unnecessary

at times stressless
leads to restless
waiting for a shoe to drop
an urgent request
an unreasonable demand

but when the future
neither threatens
nor beckons
and the past is reflecting
sunshine and smiles
then the Now
which is all we really have
is at least okay
maybe better

Sunday Blues

Shooting stars
and wishing wells
are a waste of time
near as I can tell
but even though
I know these facts
I can’t help wishin’
my baby was back

Sunday blues
come in different hues
some are dark as night
but it’ll be alright

Sometimes I hurt
my own feelings
slipping on memories
like banana peelings
so when things get funny
inside my head
I go rambling
in the world instead

and the Sunday blues
take on a different hue
clear and bright
and it’ll be alright.