If you tilt your head
a bit to one side and squint
like the light’s too bright
then the common thrills
the daily defeats and small prizes
along the well-worn path
can take on the aspect
of a grand adventure

The relative perspective
may be that your tragedies
and comic episodes would not
translate into a Hollywood
blockbuster, there may not be
enough explosions or
gratuitous sex, but stay
the course and you will

reach vantage points
where your personal panorama
becomes evident and decisions
on directions can be made.
Forward, left, and right are
possibilities. Back is next
to impossible. Standing still
is inadvisable. Make of your
adventure what you will.
Take the slow way down.


The saying goes
you will reap what you sew
so the goal is to sew good
seeking a just reward
peace and love
and the other cliches
what more dare we ask
of these earthly days

but we are not blind
to the purveyors
of discord and hate
with whom there
can be no debate
I am in awe of those
whose fate
is to be the harvest
which sweeps them away

For there must be
a rising tide of good will
a flash flood of love
God may punish them
on another plane
but if we do not strive
to erase the stain
He will likely ask us
to explain

Why we failed to stand
up and say “No!”


Circumstances find me
in that building you hated
wandering the halls
a ghost in search of a ghost
rediscovering shortcuts
looking at familiar views
remembering little things
we used to do
to ease the time we had to spend
there, oddly wishing we
could do them again
with some kind of different end

A Little

A little bologna
a little beer
trying not to think
about who isn’t here
the moon is getting full
but I’ve seen it before
don’t want to put my clothes on
just to walk outdoors

There’s baseball on TV
but I have the sound turned off
I’m listening to Dylan
as he growls and coughs
some kind of tale about
early Roman kings
wondering how that old man
comes to know these things

It has been a long day
think I’ll just let my eyes close
and let the music carry me
to a place beyond my woes

Somebody, Buddy

His daddy used to beat him just for something to do
so he grew up with an issue or two
took a little hard time to settle him down
still punched walls when no one was around
she saw something in him no one else did
she reached out and touched a scared little kid
brought him from the shadows into the light
gave him a path to a different life

If you think love can’t change somebody
buddy, you don’t know love

She was afraid to be too happy
always seemed to lead to something crappy
so she drank to keep the demons at bay
it was never enough to keep the blues away
then he saw something no one else did
reached out and touched a scared little kid
brought her from the shadows into the light
gave her a path to a different life

If you think love can’t change somebody
buddy, you don’t know love

one extreme to the other or right up the middle
all anybody wants is a little
love to help them defeat the hate
make everything worth the wait
when someone sees what no one else sees
love’s gonna bring you to your knees
out of the shadows and into the light
show you a way to a different life

If you think love can’t change somebody
buddy, you don’t know love


In the middle
of not much
we were as
rich as kings
because we found
our dreams in the
simple everyday things

good or bad
it was simply the sharing
that made it
all worthwhile
and the decision
to keep on caring
which permitted
us to smile

we were not immune
of course to time’s
assault relentless
but somewhere
in this universe
are echoes
of our happiness

Inside the Snow Globe

Observers observed
average people
of below average means
struggling to do average things

Specialized eyes
may have detected
the Faith, Hope, and Love
holding it all together
like super glue and duct tape

through various average
storms and trials
enabling them to go on
and continue to smile

Inside the snow globe
regaining equilibrium
finding beauty in the
floating glitter was
a special gift she shared

waiting through average days
for the little world to be
turned upside down and shaken
again, all good until
dropped and broken.