It is said the stories we tell
need conflict to hold our interest
but the stories that we live
require no such test

The happiest story has its sorrows
the saddest tale has laughter
regrets for things both done and not done
and the things that happened after

every spirit that you meet
is a saga still unfolding
with many lessons made for learning
and beauty made for holding

and those that can look back
and say, okay,
I did what there was to do
may have the experience to know
what is and isn’t true
that days unsiezed but gently caressed
are the days that you remember best



Not all blessings are easy
not everything easy is a blessing
learning to tell the difference
is one of life’s critical lessons

Class is always in session
so it’s best to pay attention

Not all trials are God’s judgment
nor is God’s judgment always punishment
no matter that we probably deserve it
He prefers to give our souls nourishment

If we’ll only learn to ask
He’ll guide us through each task

In Spite Of

Hard to find things to celebrate
easy to find things to fear
hard to find things to laugh at
until I look in the mirror
but there’s a star in the east
making one thing clear
in spite of all the madness
the season of Hope is here

Went Home

I went home for Christmas
but it was kind of strange
furniture and decorations
had all been rearranged
and the faces in the windows
were not the ones I knew
when I went home for Christmas
because I was missing you

The maple tree we nursed
through it’s first scorching summer
has grown tall now but someone
else is enjoying its shade
it and the azalea that we planted
in the corner are about all
that remains of the plans
we once made

I went home for Christmas
it was not a great idea
I knew before I went
I was not going to see ya
Guess I thought I might recapture
a little magic a little fun
and hear the ghost of Christmas present
say, God bless us, everyone

Curiously Thankful

In the turmoil between memory
and the motion around me
I learned what I lost
it was everything.
But I can run on
the fumes indefinitely
and after so many years
of such luck beyond deserving
it seems almost greedy
and ungrateful to ask for more.
but in this swirling confusion
it is only human
to long for the anchor
the shelter from the storm
the beacon in the darkness
still curiously thankful
that I know what I’m missing

Praise Mercy

When you have pains that you can live with
and pains you can’t live without
one day you beg the Lord for mercy
the next you praise Him with a shout
the process is confusing
but you don’t need to comprehend
as long as you aren’t broken
just be glad that you can bend

and when you feel yourself cracking
or you’re in pieces on the ground
you may be the beneficiary
of a miracle most profound
of course you’ll never be the same
but you may rise above
what you once thought was the pinnacle
on the wings of the Healing Dove

looking back on the journey
one thing you will know
the Lord had mercy on you
so praise him all creatures below

Almost Saved

Defying the heartaches
that defined us so long
denying defeats
and the rights that went wrong
it’s not really over
til we throw in the towel
til we can’t push the button
til we can’t buy a vowel

Got my head in the clouds
and one foot in the grave
but I still believe
that I’m almost saved

you work half the night
you sleep half the day
it don’t leave much time
to go out and play
besides, drinking and driving
has become frowned upon
so I’ll sit right here
and have another one

Got my head in my butt
and one foot in the grave
still I believe
that I’m almost saved

If there’s an occasion
I could maybe rise to it
if there was something to do
I might even go do it
just a buzzard in a tree
waitin’ for something to die
a fish in a stream waiting
for some food to float by

Got my head in the clouds
got one foot in the grave
still I believe
that I’m almost saved