I knew I could go on without her
I just didn’t see much reason
it still feels like I’m just wasting time
drifting from season to season

Sorry as I am to have lost her
after struggling together so many miles
I’m gladder that I had her
she made it all worthwhile



Scars require no explanation
when broken people congregate
they know how life happens
and they know it’s never too late
for the healing power of laughter
for the healing power of touch
when that’s all they have to offer
each other and the rest is just too much

No Clue Necessary

Don’t have a clue
what house the moon is in
let alone what Jupiter
or Mars are up to
but when she shines
so full and bright
I get a vaguely Aquarian feeling
peacefully harmonic
and whether it is unfolding
or folding the universe
is as it should be
as far as I know or care

Winthrop Street

On Winthrop Street the loose cannons roll
the guardians collect the tolls
nothing glitters, there is no gold
keep a firm grip on your soul

The ladies there don’t really care
for idle promises or desperate prayers
they ain’t seen it all, but they’ve seen enough
on Winthrop Street they’ll call your bluff

The mayor avoids the neighborhood
he can’t do them any good
if he shows up they’ll get on his case
Winthrop Street laughs in his face

The lovers hide under the bridge
and it feels like a different world
the moon gleams on the dirty water
with its oily swirls
everything seems possible
in that magic hour
if you would escape Winthrop Street
love gives you the power

They have a strange idea of fun
you might feel safer carrying a gun
wipe of the fingerprints when you’re done
on Winthrop Street there’s no where to run

The sun don’t shine too bright down there
just too much smoke in the air
Hardly anybody has a minute to spare
on Winthrop Street it’s hard to care

The lovers hide beneath the bridge
and it feels like a different world
the moon gleams on the dirty water
with its oily swirls


I might fall in love
three or four times a day
but not hard enough
that I’d ever say
the kinds of things
I might regret later
don’t want to turn a friend
into a hater

I know what love takes
I don’t have it to give
still in the shadow
of the last love I lived
the cracks in my heart
won’t stand too much trauma
so my head tries to steer
me away from any drama

But love can be tricky
it won’t knock on the door
it crawls through the window
and ties you up on the floor
it that happens, mercy
is all I’d ask for
something along the lines
of the sea and the shore

Too old to run
too tired to fight
if cunning doesn’t save me
whatever happens is alright


Once you’ve been domesticated
certain things seem over-rated
being crazy wild and free
are better to remember than to be

Then one day everything falls apart
you say, okay, where do I start
do I have to do all these things again
or is it just as effective to pretend

When you think you know the answers
Life will change the questions
you don’t want to take chances
you’re open to suggestions

how it all goes down
determines where you wind up
don’t let it turn you around
go on and fill your cup

For a free bird on the wing
will see a lot more things
than the tallest creature
standing on the ground

But if you take to the sky
some things are harder to touch
you must decide what is important
what you might miss too much

When you think you know the answers
Life will change the questions
you don’t want to take chances
but you’d welcome a suggestion


On a practical day you do some chores
clean things up, go to stores
the ghosts are happy and you’re unconcerned
with wins and losses and lessons learned
you’re grateful for the little things
without worrying what tomorrow will bring
in the evening when it’s time for reflection
it’s easy to indulge your affections
for loved ones past and loved ones present
without regret for where it all went
as everything comes and everything goes
that’s about all we really know
being there when they’re there
is the most we can do
at least from a practical
point of view