Things of beauty
do their duty
enriching existence
for the allotted time
before becoming
glorious ghosts


Until the Sunrise

When we open our eyes
a certain passage of time
is expected
but a glance at the clock
leaves us dejected
by a lack of progress
toward night’s end
and our continued
failure to bend
the will of the universe
to our own

Shades of grey
on the muted screen
play out vaguely
familiar scenes
and somehow
in the candles’ halo
the dancing flame
casts its own shadow

The fear returns
of the drying well
and a lack of anything
new to tell
stale echoes of
a lost passion
not likely to be the next
great fashion

but you don’t let go
of sinew and bone
so it is with the past
we call our own
perhaps we should try
closing those eyes
and riding it out
until the sunrise
can shed new light
and a newer hope
 that we’ll see our way clear
of this slippery slope


When it feels like darkness
may over take you
light a candle and sing you a song
when you don’t really want to
but they manage to make you
laugh it off and sing you a song

If no one seems to care
what you have to share
say oh well, and sing you a song
when it seems like you’re never
going to get there
keep going, and sing you a song

Sing a song that says
you’re still on your feet
sing a song that says
you haven’t been beat
sing a song that says
you won’t stop trying
you may suddenly find
that you’re flying

If you want to bite someone
but you’re short on teeth
thank goodness, and sing you a song
might have been a lawsuit
you’d be buried beneath
shrug it off and sing you a song

When the world suggests
that it’s not your day
flip the world off and sing you a song
you cannot win if you do not play
take a chance, sing you a song

Sing a song that says
you’re still on your feet
sing a song that says
you haven’t been beat
sing a song that says
you won’t stop trying
you may suddenly find
that you’re flying

Joyful Noise

My joyful noise may sometimes sound
like the bellow of a wounded bull
or maybe like your grandpa
when you give his finger a pull.
Rarely like a heavenly choir,
but you can rest assured
I’m joyful to make any noise at all
after things I have endured.

What’s Important

I normally fall so short
of my goals they don’t
know they’ve been shot at
but I’ll try again tomorrow
or maybe next week
I’ve been told that the trying
is what’s important
and it’s not what you find
but what you seek

I’ve been guilty of complaining
about my blessings
things I’ve taken for granted
that required more maintenance
than I might have preferred
until something is lost
and I’m reminded of the cost
of my shameful complacence.

I know that moods
both good and bad
are only temporary
but when you’re
full of emptiness
it gets a little scary
trying to have the patience
that this world requires
while waiting for the light
that ultimately inspires

Post Meridian

Summer days blaze so long and bright and heavy
midday slips into evening unnoticed until lengthening
shadows and a breath of a breeze bring a welcome relief
and just enough night to get the rest you need.

Brilliant blue October afternoons go by too fast,
with cool long evenings to fill with too much
contemplation of completion
& incompletion, more day gone than left,
more year gone than not, more of the biography
written than left to write, a waning
day among waning days.

But we shall not dine on regrets this evening
(that can of worms upsets the digestion)
and idle dreams aren’t very filling
so let us take satisfaction from the Grace
of this quiet moment
and the peace of knowing
we have done what we could.

Forty Winks

Forty hours
forty years
forty wounds
forty tears
forty days
forty nights
forty wrongs
don’t make a right

Forty ways
to chase the wind
forty ways
to get home again
forty chances
to make the grade
forty excuses
for mistakes made

Forty dawns
to see the light
forty sunsets
to say goodnight
and if you have
too much to think
you can try
taking forty winks