The saying goes
you will reap what you sew
so the goal is to sew good
seeking a just reward
peace and love
and the other cliches
what more dare we ask
of these earthly days

but we are not blind
to the purveyors
of discord and hate
with whom there
can be no debate
I am in awe of those
whose fate
is to be the harvest
which sweeps them away

For there must be
a rising tide of good will
a flash flood of love
God may punish them
on another plane
but if we do not strive
to erase the stain
He will likely ask us
to explain

Why we failed to stand
up and say “No!”

Grain of Sand

Didn’t really expect to live this long
not that I’m complaining
I just try to get through the days
without too much explaining

Is the world my oyster
or am I its grain of sand?
Guess I’ll have to stay tuned
to see what God has planned


There were no visible signs
of carnage, no police cars or
fire trucks, but the ambulance
in the street with lights
flashing and the neighbors
milling around offering hugs
and leaning shoulders gave
me to understand that lives
were being profoundly altered,
unfamiliar people behaving
familiarly, the human family,

I slowed down respectfully
and curiously no doubt
turned the music down
said a short prayer for mercy
and a short prayer of thanks
that it wasn’t me or those
I love this time reminded
that everyone has a time
which may come at any time
so take no time for granted

and I drove on thankful
for a humdrum destination
and a humdrum day
determined to smile more
and hug more and take
no one for granted

Born to Rant

My greatest thoughts
about God’s creation
seem to get lost
in the translation
like shadows in Plato’s
cave they aren’t much
compared to the sky
and Her masterful touch

But it seems that I was
made for the trying
just like a sparrow
is made for the flying
or maybe a chicken
is made for frying
or maybe tears
are made for crying

You see? Even when I try
to stop, I can’t.
That’s why I believe
I was born to rant.

Beyond the Clouds

The sky seems bluer beyond the clouds
after the shower has cooled things down
making it easier to breathe the air
and imagine that we have no cares

heat and worry may return tomorrow
for now let’s relax and enjoy the show
God puts on to soothe our hearts
when we really need His art.

No Warrior

He washes a plate and a frying pan
he washes a fork and knife
he washes his face, he washes his hands
and settles down for the night
trying to get his head around
the bad news of the day
mind blown by the numbers
of people who need him to pray
and how with a snap of God’s fingers
so many things are shattered
and for each of us at a given time
there is just one life that matters.

He never felt like a warrior
not qualified for the task
but they must really need it
or they wouldn’t ask
So as he lays him down to sleep
he prays the Lord their souls to keep
it may seem too simple
but it’s the bottom line
I’ll pray for yours
you can pray for mine


God won’t give you
more than you can handle
but the devil plays
by different rules.
Too much good
or too much bad
can make you act a fool.

So you have to pray
for guidance, for
some light to see you through.
And remember when
you make it,
it was God, not you.