No Gifts

Not Ebenezer Scrooge
not Clark Griswold
not the Grinch
nor Buddy the Elf
certainly not a Wise Man
maybe an old drummer guy
if I played drums
with no gifts to bring
except to sing
in excelsis deo



It is said the stories we tell
need conflict to hold our interest
but the stories that we live
require no such test

The happiest story has its sorrows
the saddest tale has laughter
regrets for things both done and not done
and the things that happened after

every spirit that you meet
is a saga still unfolding
with many lessons made for learning
and beauty made for holding

and those that can look back
and say, okay,
I did what there was to do
may have the experience to know
what is and isn’t true
that days unsiezed but gently caressed
are the days that you remember best


I could not pull the trigger
I could not cut the cards
I could not swing the bat
don’t know why it’s so hard
pretty good at watching leaves
turn from green to brown
and December breezes
send them to the ground

The motions I keep going through
don’t take me anywhere
except further from the time
I was inclined to dare
now I hear a bird sing
just outside the window
when he flies away
I wish that I could go


Not all blessings are easy
not everything easy is a blessing
learning to tell the difference
is one of life’s critical lessons

Class is always in session
so it’s best to pay attention

Not all trials are God’s judgment
nor is God’s judgment always punishment
no matter that we probably deserve it
He prefers to give our souls nourishment

If we’ll only learn to ask
He’ll guide us through each task

At Bay

I left a candle burning
like the light at Motel 6
no one sought this meager shelter
no one stopped by to fix
any holes in heart or mind
but really, that’s okay
the candle did the job quite well,
keeping the darkness at bay


Been talking to the moon
but I get no reply
I hear the branches rustle
I hear the night wind sigh
but the Moon, she will not comment
on these earthly goings on
she’s lovely, but she’s distant
as I wait for the dawn
she draws me like the ocean tide
keeping me in suspense
the thrill I feel is only
the echo of her silence

Mostly True

Based on a mostly true story
though liberties have been taken
names have been changed
to protect innocent and guilty
alike until we figure out
who is who and how much damage
further revelation will do

Sometimes the struggle
is just a breeze
sometimes it brings
you to your knees
and you just can’t make
it go away so while
you’re kneeling you
might as well pray

Sometimes it works
sometimes it doesn’t
but it might help you
make the adjustment
so what is real is
not so important