In the wee hours
of the night
it comes together
or undone
perhaps when
you realize
there’s no place
left to run
Yesterday seems
a long time ago
tomorrow is just
a vague rumor
grown accustomed
to the heartache
like living with
a benign tumor
the moon is wearing
her resting bitch face
from her we’ll get
no sympathy
still we look up
and offer simple prayers
that somehow
she’ll set us free
what you thought
was your real struggle
is in fact your only fun
so you chuckle
and you whisper,
“come on, morning sun”


From a dreamless sleep
into a dreamless waking
with motions to go through
and steps to be taken
leading somewhere
I really don’t need to go
but I wouldn’t want
to miss the show

Expecting everything may
lead to disappointment
expecting nothing opens
a path to enjoyment
even if it’s only sunlit trees
swaying as if dancing
in the breeze

Do not mistake
these gifts for rewards
they cannot be earned
only perceived
and the virtue of living
while doing no harm
cannot be proven
it must be believed


A gray smudge of a cloud
like someone erasing a place
in the sky passes in front
of a moon so full it might burst
but it’s a small cloud…
and soon the pale light returns
bringing memories of the future
dreams of the past
and a deep joyful breath
of the present

For A Friend

Together apart
is hard on the heart
with so much to say
and no one to say it to
so gone yet so near
and the worst of your fears
have all come to visit
in your room with no view

Having fun don’t seem right
and try as you might
you can’t help feeling guilty
for just being alive
but please be assured
while you may never be cured
the worst of the symptoms
will slowly subside

When you’ve seen the path
you’ll be able to laugh
and a return to the darkness
will not be a choice
you won’t need approval
and finally you will
be able to forgive yourself
with an honest voice

Keep Holding On

In a state of disrepair
might be easier to demolish
but a nail here, a nail there
a little spit and polish
won’t ever be as good as new
but better than being gone
when it’s all you know to do
keep holding on, hold on
In a state of disbelief
is this really real
a little comedy relief
might help the way I feel
a song bird at the feeder
or a rabbit on the lawn
when it’s all you know to do
keep holding on, hold on
Hold on to the beauty
hold on to the love
hold on to your faith
that there’s a God above
hold on
Is it cowardice or just wisdom
advertised to come with age
that has us pouring water on
the fires that feed our rage
and relying on the process
of karma to get it done
when it’s all you know to do
keep holding on, hold on
It might be your nature
to lower your head and swing
it might be your nature
to hold it high and sing
either choice is valid
if it gets you to the dawn
if it’s all you know to do
keep holding on, hold on
Hold on to the beauty
hold on to the love
hold on to your faith
that there’s a God above
hold on


Gonna drill down to it
see what we can unpack
then we’ll figure out
what we need to walk back
if you have your mask on
better hold it tight
wouldn’t want to lose it
if someone turns on the light
When the most trusted are untrustworthy
when the most believed are liars
it’s hard to get excited
when they say the house is on fire
until you smell the smoke
and feel the heat of the flames
if you make it out alive
you’ll wonder who to blame
Whose idea was this
just who is in charge here
can they be counted on to deliver
anything besides more fear
if there’s anything you still know is real
anything you know is true
your mission is to hold it up
even if they come for you

Other Stuff

It felt like something I’d already seen
decades ago on a black and white screen
it made me laugh the way I laughed then
the hardest I’d laughed in I don’t know when

It looked like a road I’d already traveled
at a time when the fabric of my life was unraveled
but I once got to the end, hope I get there again
without losing sight of all that I’ve been

It sounded like a song that I sang long ago
reminding me of things that I already know
remembering how it made me cry
and how it made me want to try
to get to the bottom of the reason why

I haven’t seen it all, but I’ve seen enough
all this stuff reminds me of some other stuff
I’m not saying that’s bad, but it isn’t that good
sometimes it keeps me from doing what I should