Already Went

This longing is not desire
though at times
they wear each other’s masks
one is vague, one specific
desire demands while longing asks

longing is about yesterday
desire about tomorrow
any excess of one or both
may masquerade as sorrow

so focus on the here and now
if you hope to have contentment
the future will be here soon enough
and the past has already went


Without Reservation

with the Longing
without expectation
without regret
without reservation

that the empty place
down in your core (acceptance
of longing is Faith)
need not define you
may at times be ignored

retribution from the
spirits who give
that elegant Longing with
which you must

When What

When what the world expects from you
is not the thing you want to do
and stuff that you are going through
does not make any sense

Listen to your heart’s desire
it will lead you to the fire
that cleanses souls and takes you higher
to a perfect innocence

The valleys will echo the song
that tells you where you belong
and clarifies what’s right and wrong
in perfect innocence

All the things you’ve longed to hear
will come to you, crystal clear,
and doubts will be nowhere near
your perfect innocence

And when you reach the climactic scene
you’ll be asked just what it means
you can say nothing, or everything
with perfect innocence

Bold Enough

With all the distractions gone away
what was it that I wanted to say
is there anyone to say it to
is it just a way of getting through

Coming back to a place
dreamed of years before
I hesitate before
opening the door

Do I find what was lost
or being lost, get found
not much difference
in the way they sound

Whatever it is
it’s just waiting for
the hand bold enough
to open the door


Desire sails
the ocean of dreams
in fair winds and hurricanes
seeking ports of call
seeking the armada the fleet
the companion vessel
to validate the voyage

The Dream sails
the ocean of desire
using celestial navigation
dead reckoning and prayer
in search of the Lee Shore
where running aground
into sanctuary and respite
is the goal of the voyage