Bold Enough

With all the distractions gone away
what was it that I wanted to say
is there anyone to say it to
is it just a way of getting through

Coming back to a place
dreamed of years before
I hesitate before
opening the door

Do I find what was lost
or being lost, get found
not much difference
in the way they sound

Whatever it is
it’s just waiting for
the hand bold enough
to open the door



an abundance of angels
of death, life, mercy,
some indefinable in-between
in something like an upscale refugee
camp with reclining chairs
and vending machines

I see you, ICU,
tribes stake out their corners
of the room, trying to act
normal and look their best
while their lives are being
shattered and their faith
put to the test

Some prayers are answered
to immense relief
some are not
and there is grief
but the test is passed
when a lady buys an orange soda
for a thirsty new friend
of lesser means

and kindness remains
the only currency which
never devalues

Fun and Games

Often times the cure
seems worse than the disease
if you lie down with the dogs
you might get up with fleas
They say it won’t get better
until we feel the squeeze
and virtually everything
is a matter of degrees
It’s all fun and games
until one you love goes down
the statistic has a name
the expiration has a sound
you feel you should do something
you just don’t know what
anything to help untie
the knots there in your gut
The Golden rule gets lip service
from those in a position
to actually do something
to alter these conditions
and they will gladly help you
if you can pay the price
otherwise you’ll only get
gratuitous advice
Doing no harm is just about
the best that I can do
If I can’t help myself
how am I going to help you
But maybe if enough folks
get together in some way
we could help each other
make it to a better day
It’s all fun and games
until one you love goes down
the statistic has a name
the expiration has a sound

Walking Wounded

So, you have been
around the block
been shot down
took some knocks
now your gun
is not for hire
you just want to stay
out of the line of fire

when you’re not able
to help yourself
how you gonna help
somebody else
trying to keep out
of the wind
to keep from getting
blown down again

But you’re walking wounded
because you can’t help but try
you’re walking wounded
because you can’t
because you won’t
just lay down and die

Course Of Course

Each tempest rearranges
the landscape of life
almost beyond recognition
to leave us bewildered at best
wondering just where
to begin to uncover
something like normal

nothing will ever be the same
it may be worse or better
but something will not be there
something we once thought
we could not live without
but there it went
and here we are

so pick up some debris
effect some repairs
until a patchwork
duct taped life emerges
you may limp down the road
with only three lug nuts on one wheel
but you can call it progress

the original destination
may be forgotten
destinations in general
may have no importance
but something will appear
on the horizon to make going on
feel like the best course
of course

Deep Subjects

Got nothin’ new to say about livin’ and dying
but it’s not for want of trying
sit around all day thinking and sighing
’til I think that my brain is frying

War and Peace, love and hate,
God and the devil, hurry up and wait.
Go round in circles, early and late
Take me home, to the Pearly Gates

On the subject of deep subjects
I say well. . .well well well

Gotta recommend staying out of trouble
when the bomb goes off, clean up the rubble
Don’t bet too much on the .daily double.
Don’t over-react to a busted bubble

Read Confucius and Kant, Aristotle and Sartre
you won’t find a cure for a broken heart.
Don’t be too dumb, don’t be too smart.
When there’s a job to do,
then do your part

On the subject of deep subjects
I say well. . .well well well.

Hard Climbs

Where your path leads
no one can say
nor who you may meet
along the way
there will be pain
there will be healing
there will be peaceful
easy feelings
hard climbs and
beautiful places to rest
just stick to your path
and do your best