Conventional thinking
is that for people to be free
to do good things
people must be free
to do bad things

But I can’t help thinking
that making it harder
for people to do bad things
would be a good thing
for people to do



I don’t want no trouble
but trouble, it will come
the only question left
is where’s it comin’ from?
Is someone out to get me
or do I bring it on myself
trying to hide from it
up here on my shelf

If I was shooting myself in the foot
with a real gun
the number of toes that I have
left would probably be none
maybe someday I will learn
to be what they call proactive
hate to lose that amateur status
but a person has to live

I don’t want no trouble
but trouble, it will come
the only question is,
where’s it coming from?
The world just won’t stick
to my script it’s true
just wish it was edited
in a language that I knew

Right Lane

I’m a right lane kind of guy
unless I need to turn
I don’t make jackrabbit starts
don’t have the fuel to burn
I’m the one that’s moving,
not my destination
no hurry or worry I’ll miss something
I avoid those situations

where drama is on the menu
I’d just as soon not go
got no appetite for that
but I suppose I know
that if my convictions
had the courage of my hunches
I’d wade right in
and take my punches

Does my distaste for conflict
stem from indifference or fear
it’s a valid question I’ve been
studying for years
here in the laboratory
of my secret hide-out
if my courage finds a conviction to stand on
we’ll resolve the doubts

Failure to Communicate

You tell me how it should be
you tell me what I should see
you tell me how it all went wrong
you tell me who should not belong
you tell me what’s wrong and right
you tell me that the end is in sight
you tell me
you tell me

I tell you how it should be
I tell you what you should see
I tell you you should not judge
I tell you not to hold a grudge
I tell you we must stretch out our hands
I tell you we should try and understand
I tell you
I tell you

You tell me and I tell you
but there isn’t much that we can do
you tell me and I tell you
too much noise, not much getting through
If you listened to me and I listened to you
we might figure out what is true
you tell me
I tell you
you tell me
I tell you


We want things
to mean something
flowers and lightning
laughter and crying
a loved one’s touch
the beating of our hearts

we are quite sure
they mean something
but explaining what
gets a little tricky
the more important it is
the more inadequate are words

I think Einstein said
if you can’t explain it to
a six year old, you don’t
understand it well enough
but the trust and faith
of children make elaborate
details unnecessary

And didn’t that Jesus
suggest becoming as little
children? We want things
to mean something
and they do
but don’t give yourself
a headache figuring out what
just believe in the belief


I begin the day
with a newscast
to see if anything happened
while I slept.

I end the day
with a newscast
to see if anything happened
while I was awake.

In between I try
to avoid happening
things. Who wants to
be on the news?


I see what you do
I think I know why
but if I explain
it’s another lie
I’ve never seen anything
through your eyes

I may put forth a theory
but if I am right
it’s as much lucky guess
as keen insight
or the fact that there
are similarities
to be found in all
of our histories

if how I think you feel
is how you really feel
I’ve recognized a pattern
that I once lived through

and if how I am feeling
at the moment strikes
a familiar chord,
it’s probably because
you’ve been here before