Merry Solstice

Sit in the sun
stand in the shade
melt in one
place or evaporate

Don’t mind the heat
or we wouldn’t be cooking
and half-dressed women
make for better looking

than Eskimos bundled
head to toe
(though snuggles are better
when it’s a little cold)

but a hot snuggle
would be better than none
when you’re delirious
from too much sun

I digress, we’re talking
about long days and heat
not what is or
isn’t sweet

so keep it cool
and stay hydrated
is overrated.


I celebrate
the mountain top
and the sea shore
where we are reminded
there is so much more
than the execution
of mundane chores
and knick knacks bought
in knick knack stores
God is found in everything
but some inspire us to sing

I celebrate
love and beauty
that make joy and laughter
a pleasant duty
I celebrate
grief and mourning
serving as a vivid warning
to take nothing for granted
savor it all
there is too little time
before the last call
God is found in everything
may it all inspire
us to sing


With a mind unclouded
by any ambition
beyond a certain envy
of the flowers’ condition
toiling and spinning not
turn your face to the sun
breathe the gentle breeze
hold out your arm
standing still as you please
then wait to see
just how much older
you are before birds
build a nest on your shoulder


Sit perfectly
still. Focus
on the blueness.
Gradually the barely perceptible
motion of the majestic
clouds becomes apparent
so excruciatingly slow
you can’t be certain
if it is them
moving or you
sensing the spinning
of the earth
into the beautiful void

No Strangers

No strangers to the crossroads
no strangers to frontiers without trails
no strangers to epic journeys
and quests for the Common Grail

no strangers to daily struggles
no strangers to jobs well done
no strangers to bone tired ends of days
but still looking for some fun

no strangers to the choices
no strangers to mistakes
no strangers to the failures
that somehow wisdom makes

no strangers to the battle
for truth and liberty
no strangers to the sacrifices
needed to keep it free

no strangers to the heartsickness
no strangers to the rage
for the murderers and theives
who try to steal the stage

no strangers to jubilation
when righteousness prevails
no strangers to satisfaction
at watching evil fail

no strangers to God’s blessings
no strangers to temptation
no strangers to the angels
giving us direction

no strangers to each other
though our names remain unknown
no strangers to our pride
in this place that we call home


When a time comes
that a quiet dinner at
home is perfect enough
a tv may do most of the talking
but you shake your heads
at the same bad news
chuckle at the same absurdities

You remind each other
of tomorrow’s requirements
foot rubs and neck tweaks
are given unbidden
and you take turns telling
each other to wake up
and go to bed

but neither goes
until you go together
because together has
always been the point

The uninitiated might say
the honeymoon is over
but you can smile, assured
the honeymoon has endured