Somewhere Beyond

Somewhere beyond grief
is a place where dreams
of impossible resurrections
and lives unlived seem
more real than reality so
when you wake to what is
after the customary disorientation
and the brief cold sweat
you tend to smile
at the possibility
of a parallel universe where
things are going quite well
or a heaven with
good things waiting


For: The Bird

Forty years ago, he was my great good friend, our heads nearly exploding as we tried to take in and figure out all that the world had to offer. A little later our paths diverged in a snowy wood, or something, but it was always a comfort just to know that he was out there, somewhere, and word of his passing three years ago left me deeply saddened. He went by Nathan Crow, but to me he was, is , and always will be The Bird.

You’re up in heaven now
say hello to Kurt Vonnegut
be patient with the angels
I know you won’t wanna, but
now you have eternity,
there’s no need to hurry.

Certain If

I’m certain if there’s a heaven
I’ve many loved ones there
I’m certain if there is a hell
the devil has his share
I’m certain if reincarnation
should prove to be the way
I’ll be back as some kind of bug
or perhaps a donkey that brays

I’m certain if survivor’s memories
are all we have of immortality
if you make them good and make them strong
you’ll be an angel certainly