A quarter moon
in a clear blue sky
a gentle breeze
makes me want to fly
straight up to it
but I can’t do it
I’m earthbound
no way around
that situation
but it doesn’t bring me down
the spirit takes me
where my body cannot be
it’s almost the same
as really being free


Bold Enough

With all the distractions gone away
what was it that I wanted to say
is there anyone to say it to
is it just a way of getting through

Coming back to a place
dreamed of years before
I hesitate before
opening the door

Do I find what was lost
or being lost, get found
not much difference
in the way they sound

Whatever it is
it’s just waiting for
the hand bold enough
to open the door

Wedding Band

Often times as we held hands
your fingers sought out my wedding band
feeling it for reasons I never knew
perhaps it was a comfort to you
that though the years were growing long
the love was there, the love was strong
It always filled me with tender pride
when you touched my ring
walking side by side

A Good Chance

The clouds were missing
a good chance to rain
thunder made empty threats
the wind could not be explained
darkness descended
we lost our focus
there were those in the shadows
wanting to choke us
to keep us from learning
what we needed to know
to put up a fight
to make a good show

They had facts and figures
supporting their claim
that the victims needed
to shoulder the blame
we had nothing
but a will to live
and a notion of what
we were willing to give
when the clouds missed
a good chance to rain
how we escaped
I cannot explain
divine intervention
is a possibility
and a stubborn refusal
to be less than free

When we slipped through
the dragnet, the clouds finally let go
washing our tracks away
so evil could not follow

Beyond the Rain

A rainy morning is a good excuse
to look at what we have to lose
it might be a pretty short list
because of shots taken and missed
or because so much has already been lost
to the inexorable frost

Comparing what your have
to what you never had
or what’s already gone
might make you sad

So don’t. Think beyond the rain
to what it makes grow
think of the sun shining
through a rainbow
and know there is nothing
to lose or to gain
only thanks to give
for the morning rain


We want things
to mean something
flowers and lightning
laughter and crying
a loved one’s touch
the beating of our hearts

we are quite sure
they mean something
but explaining what
gets a little tricky
the more important it is
the more inadequate are words

I think Einstein said
if you can’t explain it to
a six year old, you don’t
understand it well enough
but the trust and faith
of children make elaborate
details unnecessary

And didn’t that Jesus
suggest becoming as little
children? We want things
to mean something
and they do
but don’t give yourself
a headache figuring out what
just believe in the belief

In Conclusion

I have come to the conclusion
that conclusions can’t be come to
no sooner drawn than erased
when some little detail that you
neglected to consider
in the original eval
rears its ugly head and shoots
the whole thing to hell.

Don’t be too hard on yourself,
just keep doing your best,
even though that best might be
just an educated guess.