One continues to mostly hang around witnessing
the frantic goings-on of humanity, bewildered
by the urgency of it all, moved by the disasters
and triumphs but not always getting the point.

One does what one must, usually at the last
minute, and what one should, and sometimes
what one wants. In no particular order.

One takes pleasure where and when possible
knowing pleasure and happiness to be
transitory states of mind.

One isnโ€™t too pleased that states
of mind are all transitory, but tries not to think
about it too much to keep from going crazier.

One tries to appear as normal as possible.
One tries not to complain.
One tries to appreciate his many blessings.
One prays a lot.
One tries to keep the Major Commandments.
One tries to remember to put the seat down.
One continues to wonder.


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