Driving Home at Midnight

Driving home at midnight
Lucinda and Arlo
and Bonnie on the radio
Lake Charles and New Orleans
an angel flying from Montgomery

a fat yellow half moon
rises through a cloudy haze
disappears in a turn behind trees
tantalizing in and out of sight

and the moon and the music
are temptations to
drive on, drive on
with no destination
in sight or in mind
just to be in a moving moment

but air conditioning and bottle
and bed have been waiting
patiently for my return
moments of stillness
are the new moving moments

the luster of moonlit midnight roads
is brighter in my mind
than behind the wheel
and destined destinations
will not unwind
as aimless wanderings
so often do

but the question remains,
has age brought wisdom
or just fatigue
and a lack of ambition


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