Dangerous Fools

Standing at the bottom of the mountain
surrounded by the bones of those who died
not believing in the gravity of the situation
who thought they were immune to the rockslides
were they victims of misinformation
or were they just dangerous fools?

Some people think the Truth will change
just because they don’t like it
they think denying the sun will plunge
the world into darkness, that if
they flap their arms hard enough
they could fly
beware of these dangerous fools

You can say there is no God
he will not cease to exist
you can proclaim the day of the Lord
he won’t suddenly appear
but a lack of faith doesn’t make wrong right
nor should belief that He’s watching
govern us through fear
If they think somehow God depends on them,
they might be dangerous fools

Some people want to reject everything
it’s taken mankind centuries to learn
they think they are making it up as they go
and if they re-name fire it will no longer burn
they think the world should follow their rules
the deluded, dangerous fools


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