Life Coach

Waiting for time to eat
waiting for time to drink
waiting for time to go to work
leaves too much time to think

When you have a lot to do
there isn’t time to get it done
when you’re just trying to get to tomorrow
you get cursed with a motionless sun

Money is an issue
when it comes to spending time
if you can’t afford to buy some fun
you feel guilty of some crime

Days turn into weeks
in time the bills come due
and you sit and wonder
how you’ll make it through

Suddenly the years lie
scattered like fallen leaves
take time to celebrate
take time to grieve

Make time for a good nap
that’s my favorite approach
you probably won’t hear that
from a professional life coach

As you wait for time to eat
and wait for time to drink
wait for time to go to work
it’s better to dream than think


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