Soon after the births
of grandchildren you often said
“It seems like we’ve always had her”
(or him) with your arms full of love
I kinda understood but for you
it was like the soul of your DNA
had been waiting all your life
for each combination of
your chromosomes to appear
and make you more complete
branches to feed the stem
love so thick you could cut
it with a knife and it didn’t seem
possible you might wither and die.

but you did.
And on the other side of the coin
after  three years that sometimes
seems like three days it’s like
I’ve been missing you all my life
the hole in my soul is just who I am
and the decades of love and struggle
were just a dream, an old movie
that keeps playing on an obscure
cable channel late at night
for my enjoyment and torture

But I have indisputable proof
that it was real, all those combinations
of your chromosomes so
incredibly alive under the watchful eye
of the Guardian Angel that
I still must Exult and shout
my own Hallelujah!


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