Looking at both sides
of the coin and the
little lines on the edge
pros and cons
of different views
make it hard to give a pledge

The world shrinks
the world grows
hard to predict
the ebb and the flow

Depression seems a rational
response to endless difficulties
but surrender is not an option
when we are blessed to see
hopeless underdogs prevail
 some scoffing at misfortune
so many helping each other
you can’t tell who lost or won

Love and faith are not rational
nor hope for a better day
still we know the sun is out there
above the skies of gray

So sheltering in place
may not be the wisest
thing to do,
going through something
suggests movement
and somewhere else
to get to.

Hard as it can be to open the door
and do what needs to be done
as long as we can draw a breath
it’s still our race to run


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