Until The Sunrise

When we open our eyes
a certain passage of time
is expected
but a glance at the clock
leaves us dejected
by a lack of progress
toward night’s end
and our continued
failure to bend
the will of the universe
to our own

Shades of grey
on the muted screen
play out vaguely
familiar scenes
and somehow
in the candles’ halo
the dancing flame
casts its own shadow

The fear returns
of the drying well
and a lack of anything
new to tell
stale echoes of
a lost passion
not likely to be the next
great fashion

but you don’t let go
of sinew and bone
so it is with the past
we call our own
perhaps we should try
closing those eyes
and riding it out
until the sunrise
can shed new light
and a newer hope
 that we’ll see our way clear
of this slippery slope


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