How did it get to be
this late so early
How’d I get so far
from where I meant to go
too many distractions
result in wrong turns
Suddenly the highs
begin to look like lows

Back when things seemed
to be more fun
my heart soaked up her love
like a thirsty sponge
but that was a long time
now it’s dry and hard
and I have reservations
about turning another card

When you can’t get back
to the original source
find another source
that’s closer to you
easier said than done
of course
but try to not limit
what you think you can do

The pleasure of doing something well
is why we do things, you know?
But the world has a schedule
that demands so much compromise
we end up  doing things
just for the show

When you feel like just
another face in the crowd
pretend you’re a magical
face in a cloud
learn to be your own source
put the sponge in the water to soak
let the lows arise on high
it’s not too late to get the joke


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