To Some Greater Merging

When the dream come true
has run its course, dissolving
into and through the nightmare phase
to leave you wide awake wondering
what happened to happy
or sad for that matter
choosing a new dream
seems kind of silly,
I mean, what can you hope
to accomplish, really,
not too late to build an empire
not too late to change the world
but who has the energy
for all that crap,
all you’re in the mood for
is a good nap.

Well, that’s not to be.
It isn’t changing horses in
midstream when you’re left
half-drowned on a sandbar.
So do we strike out through
the wilderness for that distant
peak? Follow this river down
to some greater merging?
Sit here and wait for the
next disaster?
Flip a coin, it doesn’t matter.

It is said we become
what we pretend to be,
so put some style in your substance
and pretend to be free,
or alive, or content,
and eventually you’ll notice
you’ve become these and more
before your wave comes
to rest on the shore.


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