Existentially Blue

I wake up in the morning
daylight peeking through the blinds
have a couple cups of coffee
clear the cobwebs from my mind
nothing on the schedule
except the things I always do
giving me a mild case
of the existential blues

Sisyphus would be proud of me
if he were here today
rolling my stone everywhere I go
then watching it roll away
this whole thing is pretty absurd
according to good ol’ Camus
is it any wonder that
I’m existentially blue?

I have no time for sad headlines
can’t be bothered with your bad news
I’m too busy hiding behind
these existential blues

Of course I know it’s up to me
to change whatever I will
perhaps one day the effort
will justify the thrill
battling this entropy
is the hardest thing I do
I guess that’s why they call it
the existential blues


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