I can not claim to be
anything but a mess
it may be my only
unqualified success
I wouldn’t even want to
hazard a guess
as to how many times
my little heart’s been blessed

I don’t mean any harm
I’m just marginally aware
of hundreds of things
that other people care
about, and it often
bites me on the derriere
even though it’s my own fault
it makes me want to swear

Just a creature of habit
many of which are bad
loyal to the traditional sins
our ancestors had
if it was not available
to my grandpa or my dad
I leave it to the younger set
No one ever called me “rad”

Not really a bad guy
just not good for much
this 21st century
has me feeling out of touch
I keep stumbling along
not looking for a crutch
though I wouldn’t mind some answers
if you could call them such


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