Miracle Garden Life

Blossoms & blooms & wild vines,
embryonic beans, watermelon & tomato babies
bathed in glistening dew, bright
morning sunshine pulling misty vapors
from the ground so that each deep breath seems
fresher & more miraculous.

No matter about photosynthesis, nitrogen and
carbon dioxide, stamens & pistils, genetic codes,
cell division, all clever explanations of the
scientific community: no explanation
diminishes the miracles we witness here, DNA
and nitrogen being pretty amazing in and of

themselves. Let’s face it, you have to take
a lot of things for granted if you’re to have any hope
of functioning at all: flowers paper clips clouds
light bulbs steel wool air fire post-it notes
screwdrivers hummingbirds dirt

are all so improbable, the universe itself
quite unthinkable if you dared to stop and
think about it, with the grace of the Big Engineer
the unlikeliest miracle of all.



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