Just when I’m feeling
like being productive
or responsible
it never seems to fail
some little something happens
to knock me off the rails

might be a bird outside the window
leaves whispering in the breeze
a song from long ago
someone dying
someone being born
the latest travesties
or tragedies littering
the airwaves
someone’s problem I can’t solve
pains I cannot ease

and productive responsibility
seems a ridiculously impossible goal
as meaningless syllables rattle
in my head like popping corn
and I’m useless until I have
a bowlfull hot and buttered
ready to serve of questionable
nutritional value but add a little
salt & better than nothing I hope

So forgive me if my gift
is not what you need or want
but hoping against hope
the will to love and carry on
are all I have left to give
I wish it were more, too.


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