Life Blood

wrote this a couple decades or so ago. Unfortunately, the things that were getting on my nerves then still are. Namely, the human race, I guess. . .

the news I’m hearing don’t sound too good
blood on the battlegrounds, blood in the hood,
meanness and hate running out of control.
Who can tell the final toll?
Born from suffering, born from pain
til the victim strikes back and it all starts again
and each bloody hand breaks an innocent heart
and with each broken heart a bitterness starts.
Children are falling, what are the reasons?
Holy wars in a starving season
of people in want, people in need
and leaders who don’t mind seeing them bleed.
On one hand so cruel I’m ashamed of our race
on the other the heroes and true signs of grace
Two sides of the coin, can they both be real?
Are we born to kill, or born to heal?
I’ve too many sins to be the preacher,
too many faults to be the teacher.
But if need and greed could be washed away
if covetous lusts could be held at bay
if the desire to rule could just be erased
and humble charity put in its place
each soul could work out its own salvation
and God could be pleased again with His creation.


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