Is it happening again
or is it happening still
did it ever really happen at all
do you think it ever will

wanting is like having
having is not real
the world is smoke and mirrors
it’s only what you feel

Nothing really matters
except matters of the heart
and the hearts that matter to you
if you happen to be apart


Curiously Thankful

In the turmoil between memory
and the motion around me
I learned what I lost
it was everything.
But I can run on
the fumes indefinitely
and after so many years
of such luck beyond deserving
it seems almost greedy
and ungrateful to ask for more.
but in this swirling confusion
it is only human
to long for the anchor
the shelter from the storm
the beacon in the darkness
still curiously thankful
that I know what I’m missing

Where’s Walter?

In the good old days
natural disasters
and national tragedies
were the only reasons for
tuning in cable news on tv

But the times they are a changin’
there’s something happening here
the talking heads are pandering
to our deepest fears

If you’re concerned with commies
you can watch Fox news
if it’s fascists that you fear
CNN will do

Just want to know what’s going on
and decide your own point of view?
Go stand on a street corner,
tv is not for you

whether it’s real or whether it’s fake
I’ve had about all that I can take
Where’s Walter Cronkite when we need him?
Give me the facts, not your opinion.


A spider web
in a tree shining
in the morning sun
undulating gently in the breeze
gives one to understand
that God is in his heaven
and the plan continues
to unfold


We read Jenny’s “Warning”
and issued our own
but those damned slings and arrows
have left me alone
to “make up for the sobriety”
on your behalf
as well as my own
and have a laugh
as often as possible
whenever I can
not a crazy old woman
but a crazy old man.

Meditation on The Toilet Seat

“Always put the toilet seat down.” was all the answer I could get
when I asked for words of wisdom
on the night before my wedding. I was hoping
for something grander, of course, at twenty-seven
we want the secrets of life to have
a more dramatic ring

But since that was all the Fatherly Advice he would give,
I felt obliged to follow it scrupulously. Over the years
I have lowered every toilet seat I happened to pass
an exercise not unlike Zen Koans, calisthenics, or
praying with rosary beads, in that the
good you get

remains largely unnoticed until
the moment of satori epiphany, which in this case was
twenty years of bending. . .and the realization that
putting the seat down puts the Other first,
the Golden Rule in micro-Cosmic practice, a seemingly
small act of consideration until you Get

It: no courtesy is insignificant, and the secrets of life
ain’t no secret. If they weren’t true, they wouldn’t BE
clichés and proverbs, and the less time we spend
in dispute, the more time we have to
put toilet seats down.


They didn’t say I couldn’t
I didn’t say I wouldn’t
though we all agreed
I shouldn’t

I never say never
but I can say “not now”
until I get to the place
where I forget how