Wedding Band

Often times as we held hands
your fingers sought out my wedding band
feeling it for reasons I never knew
perhaps it was a comfort to you
that though the years were growing long
the love was there, the love was strong
It always filled me with tender pride
when you touched my ring
walking side by side



When the weather is inclement enough
to warrant an advisory
where some see inconvenience
I see an opportunity
to spend a day doing nothing
totally guilt-free
up until I realize that warm
and dry and not hungry
are a pretty big deal to
a very many
and I’m guilty again
what’s wrong with me?

Too Late

There are warning signs
we should not ignore
though it blows your mind
what might be in store
if you see a way around it
give that way a try
if you leave it like you found it
it may haunt you by and by

When the chips are down
and the fuse is lit
your forehead breaks out
in a cold sweat
I suddenly remember
what there was to fear
but it’s too late to wonder
how the hell I got here

Time to stop thinking
and swing for the bleachers
and hope we learned something
from the right teachers
Hope I’m still standing
at the end of the day
so I can lay down by choice
Is that too much to pray?

Fun and Games

Often times the cure
seems worse than the disease
if you lie down with the dogs
you might get up with fleas
They say it won’t get better
until we feel the squeeze
and virtually everything
is a matter of degrees
It’s all fun and games
until one you love goes down
the statistic has a name
the expiration has a sound
you feel you should do something
you just don’t know what
anything to help untie
the knots there in your gut
The Golden rule gets lip service
from those in a position
to actually do something
to alter these conditions
and they will gladly help you
if you can pay the price
otherwise you’ll only get
gratuitous advice
Doing no harm is just about
the best that I can do
If I can’t help myself
how am I going to help you
But maybe if enough folks
get together in some way
we could help each other
make it to a better day
It’s all fun and games
until one you love goes down
the statistic has a name
the expiration has a sound


In the dream
we lay close
in our hammock
talking softly of this
and that looking at
the moon through
gaps in the canopy
of leaves. There was
a kiss. I woke up
content until I
remembered we never
had a hammock. Hoping
this was a foreshadowing
of the reunion, I tried hard
to go back to sleep.


We want things
to mean something
flowers and lightning
laughter and crying
a loved one’s touch
the beating of our hearts

we are quite sure
they mean something
but explaining what
gets a little tricky
the more important it is
the more inadequate are words

I think Einstein said
if you can’t explain it to
a six year old, you don’t
understand it well enough
but the trust and faith
of children make elaborate
details unnecessary

And didn’t that Jesus
suggest becoming as little
children? We want things
to mean something
and they do
but don’t give yourself
a headache figuring out what
just believe in the belief


I lost faith in plans
many years ago
they mostly went wrong
and I had nothing to show
but terrible messes
and mud on my face
but I still make plans
just in case

Now I plan another
two-day hunker
here in my secret
fall down bunker
but I don’t plan
to get any drunker
than your average
broken down clunker

Urges and appetites
and desperate moves
stampede through my brain
like thundering hooves
of wild horses resisting
all efforts to be tamed
but I have it to do
there’s no one else to blame

So I guess the plan
is to live like a monk
until I free myself
of all of this junk
that’s holding me down
and holding me back
gonna get myself
on the right track