Who Wouldn’t?

Got a bottle of wine
with a screw on cap
got a guitar sitting
in my lap
got a black and white
movie on the tv
who wouldn’t want
to be me?

got a so-so job
it almost pays the bills
the guy in the mirror
looks over the hill
got nothing to lose
so I guess I’m free
who wouldn’t want
to be me?

Got a monk’s bed
and a reclining chair
got a small bank account
but I don’t care
got a tendency
to wait and see
who wouldn’t want
to be me?



I know everything is different
though the routine is much the same
the differences are minute
hard to detect the change

I still look to the moon
high in the cold night sky
wondering where it all went
and asking myself why
another year largely wasted
watching things go by

thoughts that I can’t quite express
and music I can’t quite play
the need to continue trying
just won’t go away

So go ahead, time, keep rolling
the struggle will continue
God grant me laughter
at my mistakes
until my time is through

The Cost

Too tired to sleep
too sad to weep
sometimes you can help it
sometimes you can’t
nothing to keep
you from going too deep
down that rabbit hole
behind the looking glass.

the past and the future
collide in today
making it hard
to see the way
be careful with any
sudden epiphany
not all dark corners
want a light shone in
some things you won’t want
to do again
others you never want to end
but they all do
they all will
keep at it until
you get your fill
in the end
the cost
of living is everything
you’ve got
so give it
and live it.

Without Reservation

with the Longing
without expectation
without regret
without reservation

that the empty place
down in your core (acceptance
of longing is Faith)
need not define you
may at times be ignored

retribution from the
spirits who give
that elegant Longing with
which you must

Mostly True

Based on a mostly true story
though liberties have been taken
names have been changed
to protect innocent and guilty
alike until we figure out
who is who and how much damage
further revelation will do

Sometimes the struggle
is just a breeze
sometimes it brings
you to your knees
and you just can’t make
it go away so while
you’re kneeling you
might as well pray

Sometimes it works
sometimes it doesn’t
but it might help you
make the adjustment
so what is real is
not so important

Hysteria Repeats Itself

If you can think it
it has been thought
if you can feel it
it has been felt
probably old hat when
Ecclesiastes was written,
let alone Eliot’s quartets. . .
but thoughts pass like feelings
and having is not understanding
so the task remains
the quest for the rhyme unheard
a phrase to turn the lock
in doors long sealed

when so much of what we seek
hides in plain view
our myopia is an embarrassment
but that, too, is an age old problem
how else to explain why
hysteria repeats itself?


Went Home

I went home for Christmas
but it was kind of strange
furniture and decorations
had all been rearranged
and the faces in the windows
were not the ones I knew
when I went home for Christmas
because I was missing you

The maple tree we nursed
through it’s first scorching summer
has grown tall now but someone
else is enjoying its shade
it and the azalea that we planted
in the corner are about all
that remains of the plans
we once made

I went home for Christmas
it was not a great idea
I knew before I went
I was not going to see ya
Guess I thought I might recapture
a little magic a little fun
and hear the ghost of Christmas present
say, God bless us, everyone