Perhaps no maps
to guide us anymore
no way to know
what may be in store
any time we go out the door

Traditions and rituals
lay abandoned by the road
maintenance is hard
when you carry the load
of too many farewells
too many resting in peace
that first instinct
is to seek release

Survival mode makes demands
that we don’t even understand
underground, under water
hold your breath and pray
 that path through the wilderness
brings you to the light of day



There is too much folderol
there is too much gibberish
there is too much hi-de-ho
there is too much make a wish

I hardly know
which way to go
or what to do when I get there
it’s just the way
life is some days
you can’t expect it to be fair

If there’s no point to come to
why do we even begin?
because if it’s enough fun
we can do it again


Rode hard and put up wet
ain’t the worst feeling I’ve had yet
Gotta be careful what you will or won’t
No tellin’ what they might do if you don’t

When it’s too loud to hear yourself think
and your eyes are burning but you’re scared to blink
’cause what you may take for granted today
will likely up and go away

What you’re holding on to
may be real or not
but you keep holding on
because it’s all you’ve got

Keep telling yourself that it’s all good
if you keep doing the things that you should
except the bad stuff laying in wait
may our hearts be bold enough
to deal with our fates


an abundance of angels
of death, life, mercy,
some indefinable in-between
in something like an upscale refugee
camp with reclining chairs
and vending machines

I see you, ICU,
tribes stake out their corners
of the room, trying to act
normal and look their best
while their lives are being
shattered and their faith
put to the test

Some prayers are answered
to immense relief
some are not
and there is grief
but the test is passed
when a lady buys an orange soda
for a thirsty new friend
of lesser means

and kindness remains
the only currency which
never devalues

Certain If

I’m certain if there’s a heaven
I’ve many loved ones there
I’m certain if there is a hell
the devil has his share
I’m certain if reincarnation
should prove to be the way
I’ll be back as some kind of bug
or perhaps a donkey that brays

I’m certain if survivor’s memories
are all we have of immortality
if you make them good and make them strong
you’ll be an angel certainly

Tiny Bright

The tiny bright points
in the black night skies
are known as stars. We are
told they are like our sun but
millions and millions of miles
away. I have no evidence
to dispute this.

But, really? Millions and millions
of miles? My world is too small,
but I didn’t fall off the turnip truck
yesterday. I prefer them to be
the light of God, piercing the canopy
of darkness we call night.

Not much light, against the
omnipresent electricity of this
century, but enough to reassure us
that God is out there, and
night is not permanent.


So long, Doc Hawking.

For A While

When your eyes get tired
of looking at stuff
when your ears decide
that they’ve heard enough
when your mind is overloaded
and your spirit feels rough
come on over
and rest for a while

I do not require conversation
I will not make any demands
I will not criticize your situation
I won’t pretend to understand
come on over
and rest for a while

Come over and rest for a while
we’ll watch the candles glow
I won’t insist on a smile
you can stay ’til you’re ready to go

I could rub your shoulders
or even your feet
we can watch some tv
you can pick the show
I might even fix you
something to eat
we’ll let the time unwind real slow
come on over
and rest for a while

Come over and rest for a while
we’ll watch the candles glow
I won’t insist on a smile
you can stay ’til you’re ready to go